7 Amazing Press Release Writing Software That You Should Use Next Time

Content marketing is vital to increase your brand’s exposure in today’s digital world. Some might argue that press releases are outdated as social media has taken over business communication and business strategy. But the truth is that press releases remain an essential tool for both large and small businesses.

That’s why public relations offices must produce compelling messages every other day. However, turning abstract concepts into words and images is a skill that requires a lot of practice. Unfortunately, coming up with fresh ideas every other day can be challenging. Your ideas could quickly become stale and uninteresting to your target audience.

If you’ve been caught up in this web, don’t worry. This article will discuss the seven best press release writing software or you can try Benco Press Release Services to let them do the PR distribution service for you.

1.    Writer App

Writer App ranks as one of the best press release software. If you are looking for press release writing software to help you get your spirits up while writing, Writer App is the ideal choice. That’s because the Writer App is the coolest and comes with an incredibly easy-to-understand UI.

Currently, the Writer App has over 851,000 users thanks to its outstanding features. With this app, you can type to the sound of the traditional typewriter. What do I mean? Every stroke of your keyboard mimics a typewriter giving you a nostalgic feeling. That will make your entire writing experience ten times more thrilling by simply turning on the typewriter sound.

To use the Writer App, all you have to do is go to their official site and create an account for free. When you install the app, its default setting is dark green, giving you that hacker-like feeling. But you can quickly turn it to black and white in the preference section. Additionally, the typewriter sounds are turned off by default. So, you will have to turn them on in the preference section.


  •       The app is easy to use.
  •       You can change the theme of the app to your preferred color.
  •       You can type offline and online
  •       It comes with a PDF and Text export.


  •       The Writer App comes with a pro version.
  •       The free version doesn’t show the word count as you type

2.    The Most Dangerous Writing App

TheMostDangerousWritingApp is just as the name suggests- pretty dangerous! This app powers off that inner editor that never lets you accumulate your thoughts and puts you in a better flow state. That makes it one of the best press release writing software. Your work is automatically lost the very moment you stop typing for more than 5 seconds. You can only save your work if you type your work for the stipulated duration without interruptions. The shortest typing duration is five minutes.

Unlike most other apps on our list, this one is free and doesn’t require you to log in. And since the data won’t be saved anywhere, you must copy-paste your work to another editor. If you’re the kind of person who can’t get any write-up done because of too many edits, this is the software for you. Also, The Most Dangerous Writing App will come in handy if you are trying to get off your writer’s block.


  •       The app helps overcome writer’s block
  •       It encourages you to keep typing
  •       You don’t have time for distractions
  •       It enables you to declutter your thoughts
  •       It challenges you to get into your writing flow


  •       The app is not suitable for science-backed pieces
  •       If you already have an outline, there’s no need to use the app
  •       If you can’t write without editing, this app isn’t for you

3.    Grammarly

Do you feel like your press release writing skills have gotten lousy? Well, Grammarly is one of the most reliable tools for ensuring your grammar is nearly perfect all the time. You can also use this tool to check your press releases, speeches, advertising copies, and strategy documents. In essence, Grammarly is the best press release writing software that ensures effective communication. With this ai-powered tool, you’ll make your business copies more precise, error-free, and compelling. You can either download the app or add it as an extension on your Chrome browser.

Grammarly comes in three pricing tiers- Free, Premium, and Business. While the free version comes at no cost, it doesn’t offer advanced corrections. On the other hand, the premium and business versions provide comprehensive suggestions and may even explain why you need the modifications. The premium version is available at $29.95 per month or $11.66 per month if billed annually, while the business version is available at $12.50 per person per month.


  •       Real-time grammar corrections
  •       High accuracy
  •       Easy to customize
  •       It guides your tone


  •       It lags when editing large chunks of text
  •       Grammarly only works in English
  •       The free version is very limited. You must use the premium version to get the best out of Grammarly.

4.    Answer the Public

Are you stumped for content marketing ideas or a press release topic, then Answer The Public is the app for you. The basic principle of this press release writing software is to help you learn more about the concerns and inquiries of your customers. It gives you a free Google report on what people mostly search for on search engines.

In short, this PR tool helps you create content people would be interested in reading. Therefore, it’s a great tool that will help you optimize your content for your target audience. It allows you to include trends in your industry in your press release. Go to the Answer The Public website, enter your search terms, and you will get outcomes. And as a plus, the tool is free and available in many languages.


  •       It helps overcome writer’s block
  •       It’s free to use and allows you to export answers in CSV
  •       It helps you find long tail keywords that will rank your press release on the search engines
  •       Syncs you with your audience’s intent
  •       You will get more organic traffic


  •       The free version only gives you three daily searches
  •       Unless you upgrade to a paid version, you can’t change the language

5.    Hemingway Editor

Hemingway Editor, a website-based app, helps ensure your writing is bold and clear. The app quickly highlights any lengthy, complex sentences and other common errors. The idea is that if you see a change in color, typically a yellow color, you should shorten the sentence.

If the color turns red, your sentence is too complicated and dense. That means users will easily get lost trying to decipher the meaning. The app will advise you to change the structure of your sentence. Hemingway’s Editor also removes weak words such as ‘very’ and ‘maybe.’

To use the Hemingway Editor, go to Hemingway editor’s official website and paste your content on the tool. You don’t necessarily have to log in or create an account on the site. Additionally, Hemingway has a free version.


  •       Hemingway Editor forces you to shorten sentences and ensure your work is readable
  •       There’s no need to sign up or create an account to use this app
  •       The website version is easily accessible
  •       The interface is easy to understand


  •       You have to pay to get the desktop version.
  •       Not all suggestions are accurate
  •       The Editor works only in English

6.    Cliché Finder

The Cliché Finder is another web-based software that identifies clichés in your text and helps you to eliminate them. The website is easy to use and works incredibly well with poems, literature, and other text forms.

The app uses a well-known algorithm to identify overused words and expressions in your text and lets you know about them. Cliché Finder is updated regularly to ensure the best outcome. This specific tool is easy to master and use.

To use the Cliché Finder, all you have to do is paste your content on the official site and let it run. In a few minutes, the app will highlight all the errors in your text and give you a chance to correct them. That’s it!


  •       The site is easy to use
  •       Cliché Finder works with poems, literature, and other forms of text
  •       The app helps you eliminate clichés and enhance your communication skills


  •       Cliché Finder doesn’t work offline
  •       The web-based editor doesn’t have a desktop application
  •       The site is full of ads

7.    Word Counter

The Word Counter is an exciting editor that helps you count your words and verify spelling. This web-based Editor makes it easy to compare your text with other web standards, such as Google’s meta-description limit and Twitter while typing.

To use the Word Counter, go to Word Counter’s official page, and you’ll see a text area where you can paste your work. Once that’s done, the site’s algorithm will start to analyze your text, pointing out key areas that require editing. The site will also highlight plagiarism in your text as well.


  •       The site shows you the top 10 keywords in your text and the density.
  •       Word counter also saves your content for you.
  •       This app shows you the average speaking and reading time of your content.


  •       Word counter is web-based.

 All these writing tools have been tested by thousands of business people and received outstanding ratings. Now you don’t need to worry that your press release will be perfect if you use any of them. Just customize them as per your needs, and get ready to write one amazing PR story! Otherwise, You can use Benco services for an amazing PR story.

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