A Simple Guide to Make Your Vape Last Longer!


Sucking in a long puff of the vape hits the right spot providing you deep relaxation. Vaping is supposedly a better option than smoking as it is a much healthier alternative. However, one of the issues with vaping is that it isn’t the cheapest option. If you don’t use your vapes correctly, they might not last as long as you think. Many vaping enthusiasts have to invest in new vapes every once in a while, which can cause financial restraint.

If your vape gets over faster, there are a few things you need to do correctly. You can make your vape last longer by adopting a few habits. This article discusses tips and tricks to stop your vape from getting over faster. Here you go!

Tricks to Make Your Disposable Vape Last Longer?

If you are not using your vape correctly, the possibility of running out of e-liquid increases. Running out of e-liquid faster means you have to refill the tank or even replace the vape if it’s disposable. If you are the unfortunate person whose vape doesn’t last longer, this guide is for:

  • Don’t Take Lengthy Puffs

Taking lengthy puffs causes deeper inhalation, which allows for more profound satisfaction. While deeper inhalation hits the right spot and gives pure satisfaction, it also makes the e-liquid run out faster. If you want to make your vape last longer, the key is to understand how puff length works.

The longer the puff you inhale, the faster the e-liquid will run out. One second is the average puff length, which provides satisfaction while helping you maximize the use of e-liquid. Minimize the puff length to make the most of your vape’s e-liquid.

  • Store in Moderate Temperature

Most people must remember the importance of proper storage when using a vape. Proper storage conditions are essential for using a URB vape or any other vape. Storing your vape in a more relaxed environment can cause it to give up faster. 

When you store a vape in a more relaxed environment, it can indirectly damage the battery. The battery has to exert much more effort to warm up the vape to make it function. Hence, storing your vape in a moderate environment is best to make it function longer.

  • Avoid Full Discharge

A few tips and tricks can help you save your vape from giving up on you faster. One of the biggest mistakes most people make while vaping is exhausting the battery completely. Some people charge their vapes after the whole battery drains out.

Experts say dull discharge is the worst thing for a vape as it can hurt the battery. The best solution is to take shorter puffs and charge the battery before exhaustion. This is a simple trick, but it does wonders to enhance the longevity of your vape.

  • Avoid Overcharging

Overcharging is one of the worst things as it is bad for the battery and a waste of energy. Overcharging your phone or any other electronic device can make the battery deplete faster. If you make the mistake of leaving your vape to charge overnight, you must stop immediately.

One of the most significant risks of overcharging is overheating, which increases the risk of fire. Invest in built-in battery protection if you need help remembering to remove your vape from charge. They are best at protecting the battery and improving its longevity, giving you much better usage.

  • Always Swap Batteries Regularly

Battery plays a vital role in keeping your vape working for longer. You can expect little regarding disposable vapes as their batteries stop working when e-liquid finishes. Swapping batteries is one of the best things you can do to keep your non-disposable vape working longer.

Buying a new vape can be expensive and isn’t ideal regularly. One of the best solutions to make the most of a vape is to swap the battery. Replace the battery and e-liquid every once in a while to get good use out of it.

  • Keep Your Vape Clean

Whether using a disposable or reusable vape, you can extend its life by keeping it clean. You must always clean the residue to avoid restricting contact between the atomizer and the battery. Vapes can easily collect dirt and debris, which makes your vaping experience less enjoyable.

The best thing you can do is take a small muslin cloth or a paper towel. Dampen the paper towel slightly and clean dirt and debris off the mouthpiece. This helps with better inhalation and more profound satisfaction.

Step-by-Step Guide to Clean Vape Tank

If you genuinely want your vape to last longer and provide a better experience, it is best to keep it clean. Disassembling the vape and cleaning its part separately can be pretty intimidating. However, you can easily clean the vape using the following steps:

Step # 1: Disassemble the Vape

The first and foremost step is to disassemble the vape and expose all the surfaces. If you don’t know how to disassemble the vape, you can read the guide that comes with it. You might need a few tools to disassemble the vape, but the process should not take longer than a few minutes.

Ensure the o-ring, tank, mod, mouthpiece, and other components are separate. This makes the process easier, as you can scrub each part separately. Keep each part safe to avoid losing or damaging it.

Step # 2: Wash and Scrub Vape Tank 

The next part is washing and scrubbing, which you must do with great care. Make sure to read the guide and identify the waterproof parts and those that cannot be wet. Generally, you can clean all the vape components using a damp paper towel.

The best way to clean the mouthpiece and tank is to soak them in dish soap water. Soaking will help loosen up all the dirt and debris, making cleaning easier. After the debris is off, you can quickly rinse and clean each part.

Step # 3: Rinse Components and Let them Air Dry

Your vape can quickly die if you are not vigilant about cleaning. After soaking the components in dish soap water, rinse each component properly. The vape will not work correctly if soap residue remains in the components.

Use slight water pressure to clean each component and rinse until all the soap is out. Do not immediately assemble the vape again; let everything air dry properly. Lay out all the washed components on a paper towel and let them air dry. You can also use cotton swabs to clean tiny, narrow spaces to get water out.

Step # 4: Reassemble the Parts

After cleaning, scrubbing, and drying all the vape components, it is time to reassemble them. Before doing so, read the essential guide to assembling the vape. Use gentle pressure and the proper techniques to put everything back together. You can also refill the e-liquid before assembling everything.

Key Takeaways!

Vapes are not affordable, and investing in one frequently can cause financial restraint. To promote longevity, it is best to take care of your vapes properly. You can do so very quickly using simple tips and tricks. Ensure the vape is adequately cleaned and the tank is refilled to make the vape last longer.