Alien home doorway discovered on Mars say excited extraterrestrial hunters

A six-inch alien home doorway has been discovered on the surface of Mars, say excited extraterrestrial hunters, who insist that their find is finally the compelling evidence we have all been seeking of intelligent life elsewhere in the Universe.

They believe the aliens who live in the structure on Mars are the same extraterrestrials as the one discovered in the Atacama desert in Chile in 2003.

The alleged Mars find was made after studying a picture taken by NASA’s Spirit rover, a robotic vehicle that explored the Red Planet’s surface from 2004 to 2010. It sent its last communication to Earth on 22nd March 2010, after getting trapped in Martian soil.

Alien home doorway on MarsWhat do you think – another oddly shaped and interesting Martian rock, the doorway to the home of tiny aliens, or something else? (Image: YouTube and NASA’s Spirit rover)

UFO and alien hunters – Luxor2012UFO – uploaded their ‘proof’ of the six-inch Mars aliens’ entrance to their home to YouTube at the end of June this year (bottom of page).

Luxor2012UFO insists the image clearly shows a structure of a house on the Red Planet.

Scott C. Waring, who runs, another UFO-Alien-seeking group, clearly cannot contain his excitement, and writes:

“Check that NASA source … I dare you. It is there, it is real, it is freaking history in the making.”

According to Mr. Waring, this is undeniably the most mind-blowing discovery he has seen all week – just a week Scott?

Alien speciesGiven that thousands of alien seekers across the world are certain this is a doorway used by tiny intelligent extraterrestrials, there is much talk regarding what they might look like. Are they friendly? Might they do us harm? That depends of course, on whether any type of life form exists or has ever existed on Mars. So far, top scientists say there is no proof.

He says that the alleged doorway, which he describes as ‘perfect’, is approximately 3 inches by 6 inches (7.62 cm by 15.24 cm).

“This is absolute 100% proof that a tiny intelligent species once lived on Mars. On the right of the door’s edge is a carving – probably the name of the family who owns the home,” Mr. Waring wrote.

Reader response

Readers of Mr. Waring’s report range from super-excited UFO-seekers to skeptical individuals.

One reader, called nova** was not convinced about the doorway explanation, but still believes aliens are involved, as you can read in this comment:

“Exciting find for sure! Not so sure it’s a doorway to a tiny home. Looks to me like it could be part of something that was once assembled – it’s just missing its sister parts. It prob served a bigger purpose. It’s there! So other similar findings should be close by it, I assume.”

Martian DinosaurMr. Waring reports on ‘another’ dinosaur skull found in Mars this week. He explains that being a fossil, it has been completely replaced by the minerals around it, and is now a mineralized shell of what it once was. (Image:

Barzini Alll made this tongue-in-cheek contribution:

“Since you can read alien language, (how else would you know its the tiny creatures’ name), you must be a genius.”

Tania also doubted the house-entrance theory, but has not discounted the alien possibility:

“A tool or something? It’s obvious the edges are not of a natural nature. Love it! Thanks Scott.”

‘Final proof’ – Again?!

Every week, alien-seeking groups say they have ‘final proof’ at last regarding the existence of smart aliens. Then we hear no more about them. About a week later, another ‘final proof’ emerges. Why is this?

Could it be that there is so much life out there that it is simply impossible to keep up, or more to do with income – a ‘final proof’ new discovery probably attracts more visitor traffic and therefore more ad-clicks than a follow up, which for the website means more money.

If all’s, Luxor2012UFO’s and other UFO-seeking websites’ claims of ‘final proof’ were really true, Mars would be absolutely teeming with life – there would be a giant gorilla with a small camel friend, a nasty-looking witch, sculptures of ancient Babylonian gods, several underground bunkers with aliens pointing their weapons to the sky, a grotesque-looking spider, and a strange looking bear wandering around on the surface, just to name a few.

Video – Structure of house on Mars

In this video, alien hunters explain that NASA’s Spirit rover took a photograph of a small doorway into an extraterrestrial’s home. They say the aliens must have been tiny, given that the alleged doorway is only six inches high.