Amazon adds camera to new personal assistant Echo device

Amazon has added a camera to its latest personal assistant device that can take photos and record videos on command.

The Washington-based company’s new Alexa-powered intelligent personal assistant, called the Echo Look, can take photos and videos of what a person is wearing and use AI to judge their outfit.

The device stores media it captures and can send it to a user’s smartphone for use with a companion app that lets users see themselves “from every angle”, allowing them to “build a personal lookbook and share” photos.


It comes with software called StyleCheck, described as “a new service that combines machine learning algorithms with advice from fashion specialists”.

Consumers will be able to submit two photos wearing different outfits and let the Echo AI decide which one looks better.

An Amazon spokesperson was quoted by TechCrunch as saying:

“Echo Look uses the same on-device keyword spotting as Echo, to detect the wake word and only the wake word.

“When the wake word is detected, the light ring turns blue to indicate that Alexa is streaming audio to the AWS cloud.”