AmazonFresh grocery delivery service hits Brooklyn

The AmazonFresh free grocery delivery service is expanding and now catering to consumers in Brooklyn, New York City – marking its East Coast debut.

The service offers “same-day and early morning delivery of fresh grocery, everyday essentials, local products, and items.”

It will only be available to residents of Brooklyn’s tony Park Slope neighborhood (in the 11215 ZIP code) at first. An Amazon spokesman said that other neighborhoods in Brooklyn will also have access to the service in the future, however, declined to comment on whether it will also cater to other New York City boroughs.

Customers in the neighborhood can place orders online or via the AmazonFresh mobile app before 10 a.m. if they want to have their products delivered before dinner. If they place orders by 10 p.m., then their products will be delivered early morning the following day.

Examples of products that consumers in the area will be able to order include meat products from Dickenson’s Farmstand Meats, fresh bread from Amy’s Bread, salads from Gotham Greens, in addition live lobster from The Lobster Place.

The service will be free until the end of the year, at which point Amazon will begin charging an annual fee of $299.

The company is going to be directly competing with other New York grocery delivery services, from services that local stores offer to FreshDirect.

AmazonFresh launched in 2013. It is currently available in Seattle, the San Francisco Bay Area, Los Angeles, Orange County, and San Diego.