Apple iPhone XR Problems And Fixes

If you are currently having some kind of problem with your iPhone XR smartphone and you’re thinking of dishing it for something new, you likely might need to hold on a bit because, like most people, the problem might be that your smartphone just needs a simple fix. According to Smart Phone NYC, an iPhone XR repair can be much quicker than you might expect.

Do you know that some Apple smartphone problems can be fixed without you needing an expert hand?

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Although feedback received since the iPhone XR was released has been very encouraging, like the fact that the XR is much more affordable compared to other Apple smartphones including iPhone XS and XS Max and even is very cheap when compared to the 11 models, and with more value to offer…in some cases. The negative reviews were from a few users who had hardware problems and a few others as well with the XR operating system.

Therefore, in this guide you will read some common iPhone XR problems and how you can tackle such problems when they happen to you.

Unlocking an iPhone XR

If you’re out of contract but want to keep your device to use on a new network, you might consider an IMEI unlock. It’s cheap and quick to do, allowing you to move from one phone carrier to another such as AT&T to Verizon or T-Mobile.

iPhone XR Problems

There are loads and loads of complaints from Apple smartphone users and many of these complaints actually can be fixed without needing to run to any Apple store nearby or even call for an expert’s opinion.

Many of these issues including Bluetooth, Wifi, Battery drain, Phone activation, etc, and a whole lot of other issues that seemingly seem difficult to handle.

So, if you encounter any of the listed above problems in your Apple XR smartphone, here are a few fixes to get your phone working perfectly again

How to Fix iPhone XR Battery Problem

If your XR battery always drains out after just a few hours of use, then it’s either you need a replacement or you just might need to apply these simple tips that have proven to help many others.

And if you want a quick fix for battery drain here is what you need to do.

It’s quite annoying when you can’t enjoy a full day of use out of your smartphone while some others can.

If your XR battery starts draining fast, there are a few things that you can do before you call in the help of a professional.

Many of the time, fast battery or abnormal battery drain is hardware related and it’s quite common with all phones. That said, many or few installed apps or software could also cause the battery drain. Sometimes your battery might be defective which will barely hold down your the XR for a few hours.

So if you’re having an abnormal battery drain, you probably might need to find a professional, like Phonebot’s repair stations, around your area or find an Apple Store to get it repaired.

The good thing about Apple Store is that you probably might be lucky to have a replacement battery for free ie. if they can’t fix the issue.

However, if you want to fix the issue yourself and you’re hoping to get some tips to save your iPhone XR battery here are few things you can do to save your battery and probably prevent a recurrence in the future.

Restart Your Phone

First thing first, if you noticed an abnormal battery drain on your phone, the first practical step is to restart your XR smartphone.

Power the phone down for like a minute and power back on. This is usually the only fix many Apple mobile phone XR users need to keep their phones working in perfect condition again.

Check Apps

Your XR can drain your battery if you don’t manage your applications properly.

One common way to preserve the battery power is to check which applications are causing the most damage to your battery.

To do this on the XR, head over to your setting icon and tap on the battery, there you can check on all your apps including apps you use the most and probably also get to see the app that you rarely use which is causing you the drain.

WiFi Problem and Fix

If you notice your XR losing wifi signal after you updated to the ios 13 recently, then you are more likely to be experiencing the same post-update problems that many Apple users have complained about regarding similar issues on their iPhone XR.

While some say they tried fixing the Wifi strength by turning the wifi feature on and turning it back on but it still did not work, many others just wanted a damn right expert solution fast.

Here are just some tricks to get your wifi signal strong.

If you have tried the reboot method by simply restarting your phone, and still having the same failed or weak signal, having to toggle the airplane mode should work the trick.

The airplane mode trick can resolve minor flaws of wireless connectivity like for instance, intermittent wifi signal and it can be fixed by simply selecting the settings icon from the Home screen, then selecting the Airplane Mode menu.

if you toggle the ‘enable’ airplane mode switch, your smartphone wireless capability like your Wifi will suddenly get deactivated.

Then to check if your wireless services are back again, do a restart on your XR while you still have the Airplane Mode on.

Again from the setting icon navigate to Airplane mode and toggle back the switch to disable the feature again.

Once the feature is disabled, your phone wireless services will be restored.

If the above simple tips to fix some common iPhone XR issues fail to resolve your problem, then I will suggest you take a time and visit a support center so you can get a properly diagnosed problem.

As mentioned earlier, All Apple smartphone devices come with a warranty and you might likely enjoy free warranty service when you take your iPhone device to any of their service centers so they could determine the real nature of the problems.

If you are lucky to find the solution to your problem, that will be great and if they weren’t, you probably might enjoy a free or discounted replacement so you can have your phone back in working order.

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