Apple wins major class action lawsuit over bag searches

Apple won a major U.S. class action lawsuit brought on by its employees over bag search practices.

Five store workers filed a lawsuit (on behalf of over 12,400 employees) seeking reimbursement for the time spent searching bags at the end of shifts.

The company carries out routine bag searches to ensure that its employees did not steal any merchandise.

According to court filings made public, two workers sent complaints directly to the CEO of Apple stating that the screening process was embarrassing and demeaning.

However, U.S. district judge William Alsup said that the anti-theft screenings were not part of the workers’ job responsibilities, stressing that employees could avoid searches by simply not taking a bag to work.

Alsup wrote:

”Apple could have alleviated [theft concerns] by prohibiting its employees from bringing personal bags or personal Apple devices into the store,”

“Instead, Apple took the lesser step of giving its employees the optional benefit of bringing such items to work, which comes with the condition that they must undergo searches.

An attorney representing the plaintiffs, Lee Shalov, said that they are disappointed with the ruling and will be exploring other options. It is not yet clear whether or not the lawyers for the employees are planning an appeal.