Are Payday Loans Easy or Hard to Pay Off?

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Some people, having taken out a loan, do not even ask themselves the question: “What to do if I cannot pay”. What if it is difficult to pay off a payday loan?” It seems that this cannot happen. But anything happens in life. So, it is better to understand in advance what will happen if there is a loan but there is no money. Many are also interested in how quickly and easily you pay off a payday loan. Consider also the questions of what a predatory loan is.

Payday Loans as Way to Solve Money Issues

You may be experiencing unforeseen financial difficulties. You are ready to pay the balance of the debt in good faith and do not give up obligations. But right now you have no money and nowhere to take it. They will appear only in a few months.

Borrowers by law have the right to temporarily reduce or stop loan payments if they are in a difficult life situation. For example, you lost your job or got sick for a long time. A payday loan comes to the rescue because it is not always easy to feed a family and provide for oneself. Moreover, this applies to those citizens who work on low salaries and cannot afford extra spending.

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Make An Agreement With the Bank

The main rule: contact the bank first. Do not hide. Do not wait until the debt disappears or will be forgotten about if there is a need to pay off the loan before payday. Even if the collectors do not call you and do not write from the bank, this does not mean that they have forgotten about you and forgiven the debt. Interest accrues, the debt grows, credit history deteriorates. Accordingly, it is better to always pay on time. This will speed up the process of loan repayment making it easy and quick.

Many banks prescribe in the contracts themselves that the borrower is obliged to immediately inform the bank. A borrower must inform about the current financial situation that has deteriorated so much that one will not be able to repay the loan on time. That is, if you do not pay and remain silent, you are breaking even more rules.

It cannot be said that the bank is waiting with open arms for its insolvent clients and is ready to provide them with credit holidays on favorable terms. But it is possible and necessary to negotiate with it.

If I Can’t Pay Off My Payday Loan, What Can I Expect?

The bank has the right to demand money through the court which will make a decision and fix the amount of the debt. At the same time, the court can take into account your difficult situation and prescribe lenient conditions for repayment of the loan (for example, to repay the debt in parts). You could agree with the bank to change the terms of the loan. In the event of a trial, you will also incur legal costs (for example, the bank can lay down legal costs in the amount of recovery, and the court will take them into account). The amount of your debt will increase.

What is a Predatory Loan?

Predatory lending can be any type of loan that has bad and excessive conditions. Predatory loans may have very high-interest rates, unusual payback periods, high commissions and fines, and additional costs. Here are some examples:

  • Mortgage Loans. Watch out for predatory mortgages. If you are trying to get a mortgage for the first time or you already have a mortgage and are trying to refinance your home and you have too little income or too much debt, you may be a predatory lending target.
  • Payday Loans. Payday loans are short-term loans that must be paid off on the next payday. You do not need to have your credit report in order to get a payday loan. You must have proof of employment, receipt of payment, and proof of a bank account.

The financial costs of payday loans like the costs of credit cards are so high. Thus, the annual interest rate can be close to three figures. Payday loans are dangerous because they can be extended and you end up paying very high interest. If you defaulted on a payday loan, the collection process is cruel and your credit rating might suffer.

  • Balloon Payments. If a mortgage lender is trying to sell you a loan in which your payments are low at first but then there must be a large payment at the end of the mortgage, beware! This large payment balloon and this type of mortgage are often offered by predatory lenders. Although, if the value of your home rises, it might be easy to pay a balloon charge in the end.
  • Negative Amortization. Negative amortization occurs when you borrow money usually a student loan or mortgage and pay less monthly than the interest expense. A lender then adds the remaining interest value to the loan balance. As long as you practice negative amortization, your credit balance grows.
  • Packing Credits. Loan packaging (also called summation) occurs when lenders add fees and fines to a loan and put them in the fine print in the hope that the borrower won’t read the fine print.

What are the Risks of Predatory Lending?

If you are taking out a predatory loan, you cannot take other more traditional loans. Predatory loans will only make your financial situation worse. If you get a predatory mortgage, you could lose your home because you could be exposed to negative amortization or balance payments. You could lose your car if you get a title loan. If you apply and get a payday loan, you could spoil your credit for a long time.

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