ARM has acquired “internet of things” firm Offspark

ARM, the British multinational semiconductor and software design company, has just acquired the Dutch internet-of-things firm Offspark for an undisclosed sum, according to a recent company announcement.

Offspark specialises on internet-of-things communication security.

According to ARM, its PolarSSL technology is already being used in a number of devices, such as sensor modules, communication modules and smartphones.

ARM logo

In a blog post on the PolarSSL Technology website Offspark chief executive Paul Bakker said the following about the deal:

“I’m very happy to announce today that PolarSSL is now part of ARM.

We are immensely excited to join forces with ARM as it’s the front-runner in the embedded world and their expertise will give us invaluable support in expanding the PolarSSL library. Being part of the ARM team will also give us a fantastic boost in our mission to become the world’s leading embedded SSL solution.

We will continue to support our existing customers exactly as we have in the past and ARM’s expansive and established ecosystem will also give us the ability to expand PolarSSL technology to new partners.

We have some exciting plans for 2015 which we are eagerly looking forward to sharing, so stay tuned for some major announcements in the coming months.”


According to ARM’s IoT manager, Krisztian Flautner, acquiring Offpsark is going to help the company develop new internet-of-the things solutions.

He said:

“PolarSSL technology is already deployed by the leading IoT players. The fact that those same companies also utilize ARM Cortex processor and software technologies means we are now able to provide a complete bedrock solution for the industry to innovate from.”