Solutions for Boosting B2B Customer Experience

Any business that wants to improve its revenue stream these days needs to jump on the digital marketing bandwagon. And so as time progresses, experts come up with new ways to help marketers enhance their strategies. One of the ways they do so is by identifying trends that are bound to affect the way they currently perform their jobs.

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This year, experts believe that the top digital marketing trend is all about customer experience (CX). The question is, how do you stand out in a sea where every marketer is vying for attention? Also, how does this apply in a B2B context?

We can probably provide a novel and yet untapped resource—reverse domain lookup solutions. Yes, they’re not just excellent cybersecurity tools, they also offer likely unheard-of B2B marketing benefits.

B2B Marketing Benefits of Reverse WHOIS Lookups

Solutions like Reverse WHOIS API and Reverse WHOIS Search give users a comprehensive list of domains related to an individual or organization. Users can use any of the following details pertaining to a specific person or company as search terms:

  • Name
  • Email address
  • Phone number
  • Street address (street name, city, country)

Now, armed with a list of domains that marketers can add to their list of potential targets, they can:

  • Conduct in-depth research to identify new business and partnership opportunities
  • Locate potential B2B buyers through the contact details that the solutions return for each domain
  • Protect their intellectual property and check for possible cases of trademark infringement by spotting domain look-alikes or copycats

WHOIS lookup solutions would also be particularly useful for B2B marketers who want to stay ahead of the competition by providing better customer experience (CX).

Why Go for Better CX?

Experts have dubbed 2020 as the “year of the customer.” And so we’re bound to witness a shift from convincing people to buy from or work with a company toward giving them experiences. While all this trend was initially intended in a B2C context, it certainly does apply in the B2B world as well.

The explosion of online content, for example, empowers consumers. They no longer just react to what marketers say about their offerings. Instead, they go out and do their own research. And so marketers need to give them extensive information not just on their site but collaborate as well with a variety of trusted third-party channels mixing both written content and videos.

But what exactly makes for excellent CX? Efficiency, convenience, quality service, and accessible payment options are what most people look for, both in a B2C and B2B context. Yet to reach that level of excellence, gathering as much info as possible is a must-do. See how reverse domain lookups can help in that regard.

How Reverse Domain Lookups Can Help Enhance CX

If you are working with business customers and larger-scale business in general, you probably already know their names and mobile numbers.

You can use these details as search terms on Reverse WHOIS API or Reverse WHOIS Search to get a list of related domains that they (may) own. One of those results can clue you into their business and where it’s located. Or another can point to professional websites or blogs, which will give you more details about their line of activities. Those are essential data points that can help you personalize your B2B marketing campaigns that you wouldn’t otherwise be privy to without a reverse WHOIS lookup solution’s aid.

Apart from getting to know existing customers better, reverse domain lookups can also provide you more insights into potential consumers. You can use them to find out more about website visitors, particularly those who interact with your company. These include those who leave comments or submit queries on your site.

As the need for well-informed marketing strategies is every time more important, reverse WHOIS solutions can add another dimension to CX by learning about all the domains connected to one or more identifiers such as a customer’s name, email, phone number, and physical address.

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Jonathan Zhang - author photoJonathan Zhang is the founder and CEO of Threat Intelligence Platform (TIP)—a data, tool, and API provider that specializes in automated threat detection, security analysis, and threat intelligence solutions for Fortune 1000 and cybersecurity companies. TIP is part of the WhoisXML API family, a trusted intelligence vendor by over 50,000 clients.


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