Backend as a Service (BaaS): The fastest way to develop web and mobile applications

Backend as a Service (BaaS) that is also known as Mobile Backend as a Service or MBaaS is one of the most modern solutions of developing quick mobile and web applications at the present time. The MBaaS development level can easily be compared to the impact that has been brought by email in the last century. It is because email is one of the fastest and most efficient technologies to send a message than a post, MBaaS is also having the ability to bring excellent value to the process of web and application development.

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MBaaS vendors can offer high quality backend resources, server infrastructure and other tools required for web and application development processes. These platforms are also offering amazing integrated functions to perform some common tasks including social media integration, user authentication, email verification, location services, push notifications and much more than these.

Additionally, developers who are going to use MBaaS platforms can have a better opportunity to access a serverless environment that is perfectly optimized for developing, running, and scaling mobile and web applications. This way, developers don’t have to be worried about managing server infrastructure or installing backend applications.

Importance of using Backend as a Service platforms to develop mobile and web applications

Developers from every corner of the world are switching to MBaaS solutions from other development platforms for multiple good reasons. Do you want to know what these critical reasons behind switching platforms can be? Let’s have a look at the some of the most important reasons we have enlisted below for better understanding with the things:

1. MBaaS solutions can reduce development costs

Traditional method of application development requires time and extensive resource and capital investment. The procurement list for acquiring infrastructure includes network infrastructure, server machines, backend applications and more.

After this, network administrator, security expert and backend developer have to configure machines and backend services. While, the infrastructure maintenance is an ongoing cost to consider for you. All of these factors can make app development overly expensive.

While on the other hand, MBaaS solutions can let you access state of the art development infrastructure without any substantial capital investments. Most of the backend services are offering free plans too while premium plans are also not that expensive.

2. Make your development process faster than ever before

BaaS solutions are making app development faster in various ways given below:

  • With Baas, developers don’t have to spend time on acquiring and setting up server infrastructure in the data center.
  • The time-consuming tasks of configuring OS and backend applications as well, are not needed anymore.
  • Even more, BaaS vendors are also offering an entire range of development tools as well as code blocks that are meant to handle functions such as push notification, user authentication, email verification, social media integration and much more. Ultimately, you can save your time and can focus on other core functionalities of your project with ease.

BaaS solutions can shorten your application development processes significantly. That is the major reason why BaaS backed applications can get rapid time to market for enhanced growth.

3. Scaling has become a piece of cake

Once you have created and launched your application, the number of users can increase eventually and you might get a need to scale your app resources to avoid any performance decrease. This is another place where BaaS can come handy. It is because BaaS platforms are offering scalable services. With this, you will be able to scale your applications whenever and wherever these are required.

The leading-edge technology of BaaS platforms is making them highly scalable.

Key features of MBaaS vendors

Do you want to know some of the key features which you can access by using a BaaS platform with ease? Even though the features of BaaS can vary from vendor to vendor. However, have a look at some of the amazing BaaS features which you can find on almost every platform with ease.

1. Database

Database management is one of the common features of BaaS platforms. Users can use ready to utilize database solutions to support their apps frontend. The BaaS companies can offer integrated database management service and tools that can make the process easier.

2. APIs

APIs can let developers to connect cloud-based backend and frontend of their applications. These can let developers integrate backend functionalities including services, storage, and other solutions available at the cloud platform of the vendor.

3. Hosting solutions

BaaS platforms can serve as both hosting and development platforms. Users can acquire cloud storage to host APIs, backend files and user-generated content. Also, users can scale application hosting whenever needed.

4. Notifications

Developers are using BaaS to integrate notifications services in their apps. Push notifications, email notifications and SMS are standard notifications channels. Most of the platforms are offering push notifications features only while others can let you acquire multichannel notifications too triggered by server events.

5. Security

The security functions of BaaS are different for every vendor. Most of the BaaS solutions are offering user authentication, SSL, and user management. While advanced platforms like back4app can offer secure application development as well as hosting platforms alike.

Things to consider while selecting your BaaS platform

Even though every mobile backend as a service platform is meant to offer excellent value to the process of application development. However, the service delivery details can vary from one vendor to another. Therefore, it is always highly recommended to make your due diligence and perform proper research to select the right BaaS platform that can match with the objectives of your development.

Do you want to know the things that are essential to consider while choosing an effective BaaS platform? Here are some of the most important factors which you must consider to make a right selection in the best possible way:

1. Select from open-source or proprietary platform

The open source platform’s source code is generally available to the public and developers will be allowed to customize that freely as per unique requirements of his applications. While the proprietary BaaS platforms like firebase don’t allow access to source code.

If you need higher customization, then open-source platforms are better for you. In today’s increasingly more competitive marketplace, consumers expect customization.

2. Check out the list of offered development resources and tools

Availability of development resources and tools will vary from platform to platform. These tools can help processes of application development and management easier and faster. It is always better to consider CLI to automate tasks, app management and mobile security features. Also, immediate integration with enterprise platforms written documentation and APIs is important.

3. Identify whether the platform is easier to use or not?

As BaaS solutions are meant to make development processes easier. Therefore, it is always important to consider platforms that can let you manage and develop applications with ease. It is always recommended to avoid using a platform that needs extensive study before using its features.

Always go with the platform that comes up with an intuitive interface and easier to use tools to perform complex development functions.

4. What technologies are being supported by platforms?

Determine the technologies that are being supported by your potential BaaS platform. Identify whether BaaS is supporting web, iOS and android development or not. Also determine whether your chosen platform is supporting your languages of expertise or not.

Most of the platforms are supporting REST and GraphQL APIs too. GraphQL query can let you write more précised queries to improve performance of apps.

5. What you have to pay?

No developer can overshoot his development budget. Therefore, it is always better to see first what you have to pay before making any choice. Choose a platform that is offering a flexible yet transparent pricing structure to avoid any problem later.

6. Is there any technical support available?

Whether you are a company of developers or working as a solo app developer, anyone can find a need for technical support. Therefore, make sure to go with the vendors who have an expert team to resolve your problems quickly with ease.


BaaS has brought much needed innovation in the field of mobile and web application development and helped developers to develop their applications faster than ever before. BaaS solutions can help you to reduce the cost of development as well and can make the process of development and scaling applications when needed seamless. However, it is always better to make your hard work while choosing the best BaaS platform for your ldevelopment needs.

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