Balancing Work and Education: Exploring Part-Time Job Opportunities for Students 

Did you know that you can work while still studying? Are you a student who wants to earn a living while still doing class work, but you don’t know how? Are you wondering what part-time jobs you can do as a student?

If you’re asking yourself these questions, don’t worry anymore—all the answers are here. 

It is difficult for a student to work and study; at the same time. To do so, one needs to strike a balance between work and education. Balancing work and education involves carefully planning your schedules to determine when to attend classes and when to be at work.

There are several benefits to balancing work and education as a student. As a student, you will thrive in your academics. Moreover, working part-time jobs allows you to earn money, granting you financial freedom and contributing to your career growth.

This article will stipulate part-time job opportunities for students and tips on how to balance work and education.

Let’s get the show on the road!

Part-Time Jobs

The part-time job’s minimum wage in Singapore is S$9. Isn’t this a good amount to earn while still studying? Below are some of the part-time jobs you can do as a student.


Freelancing grants you the freedom to work anytime and from anywhere you choose. You can work as an article writer, blog writer, ghostwriter, marketer, programmer, and many more. 

The benefits of freelancing include flexibility, the ability to set your rates, improve your skill set, and the freedom to choose whom to work with and what projects to undertake. As a freelancer, you pick the client to work with and projects to take based on your skills. Doing so helps you gain practical experience in your chosen career.

Additionally, As a freelancer, you have the autonomy to set your rates. You determine how much to be paid for tasks, giving you chances to work with clients that can afford your services. Furthermore, as a freelancer, you enjoy flexibility in deciding when and where to work.

However, like any other career, freelancing also requires some skills. To work as a writer, you must learn how to do it well. Having the right skills helps you stand out of the cloud and deliver quality work. Delivering quality work will help you stay relevant and attract numerous clients. 


One of the best Singapore part-time jobs for students is being an ambassador. You can work as a retail, event, brand, or service ambassador. As an ambassador, you will promote products or brands at popular events.  

What’s great about it is its flexibility and enjoyment. Furthermore, you will make an average of S$ 9 – S$30 per hour, depending on the type of job. Additionary, you will develop your interpersonal skills through interacting with different people.

As a student, you will also have the advantage of building connections. Through this networking, you may meet your future employer, who will help you get your first full-time job after school. 

Waiter / Waitress

Being part of a food and beverage service team is one of the best weekend part-time jobs in Singapore for students. You will work as a dishwasher, waitress, cashier, customer service, or general cleaner. 

The best part of these jobs is that they do not require special skills. What you need is self-drive and observe general cleanliness. Additionally, these jobs don’t need you to have any experience.

The average salary for these jobs ranges from S$8 to S$15 per hour. This income is beneficial for a student’s upkeep. You can apply on LinkedIn, Job Street, Indeed, and other websites.

Data Entry

Are you computer literate and have basic knowledge of Microsoft Office? If you answered yes, this is the right part-time job for you. You can also work from home, depending on the data type you are dealing with.

As a data entry personnel, your typical duties will be as follows:

  • Enter data into databases
  • Scan data for errors and report your findings
  • Printing and scanning documents for data collection
  • Filing documents 

The average salary of this occupation is S$10- S$12 per hour. You can find these jobs on LinkedIn, Indeed, and Job Street.

Packing Parcels

Parcel packing is yet another part-time job in Sg for students. It is a simple task and does not require any experience. 

As a parcel packer, you will do the following tasks:

  • Inventory management tasks
  • Items Packing 
  • Orders preparation
  • Lifting loads 
  • Other works assigned to you

The average pay is S$ 10 per hour, and you can find the job on Indeed, Linked, and other sites.

Assistant Admins

If you’re passionate about learning office administration, this is an ideal part-time job for you. No prior experience is required as you will learn everything on the job. 

As an assistant, you will help in:

  • Accounting tasks
  • Documentation and filing 
  • Front office assistance
  • Doing any other work assigned to you

A part-time admin assistant earns $10 to $12 per hour.

There are several additional part-time jobs available for students.

Balancing Work and Education

Achieving a work-study balance can be challenging. One of the challenges students face is time management. The following tips will guide you to balance work and education. 

Choose the Job That Doesn’t Your School Calendar

Before getting a job, ensure it agrees with your study schedule. Go for those jobs that require you to work after classes or when you are on holiday. Doing so will ensure that you meet your education needs. 

Additionally, it helps you avoid concerns about potential expulsion by the school administration due to insufficient class attendance. Therefore, choose a job that you will do comfortably without stress. 

Effective Time Management

Time management is a very crucial aspect of life. Working while studying will be difficult. As a student and an employee, you must do classwork on time and work on deadlines at the workplace.

Effective time management will ensure the timely completion of all work-related tasks and class assignments. Have a plan of what you need to do and when you need to do it. You can use a Google Calendar to receive alerts for pending tasks that require your attention 


Taking care of yourself entails dedicating time to activities that promote your physical and mental well-being. Lack of self-care leads to an unhealthy life. Always remember that health is wealth.

Poor health conditions can hinder your ability to perform well in your studies and work responsibilities. It is, therefore, a good habit to check on your health. To do so, take a break after a busy day, work out to relax your muscles, and chat with friends.

Additionally, eat healthily and have enough sleep. Doing so will make you productive at both school and workplace. 

Set Goals and Prioritize Tasks

Set realistic goals and determine which tasks to address initially. The S.M.A.R.T. criteria will assist you in setting achievable goals. 

Furthermore, identify the tasks that require prioritization and allocate sufficient time to complete them. 


There are a lot of part-time jobs you can do while still studying. These jobs range from data entry to product ambassadors to food and beverage service people. Others include freelancing, packaging, admin assistants, and many more. 

Engaging in part-time jobs as a student will help you have financial freedom. It will also help in developing your skill sets and gaining practical experience. Additionally, you will have a chance to network with your future employers.

However, you need to have a work and education balance. To do so, ensure your class schedule agrees with the job schedule. Additionally, take good self-care, effectively manage your time, and set achievable goals. Further, define your priority tasks and allocate sufficient time for them.