Behind the Markets Reviews: Is This Service Right for You?

Are you looking for an investment service that can help you make more informed trading decisions? 

With a handful of options available, it can take a lot of time to figure out where to start. That’s why we’re here to provide an unbiased review of Behind the Markets. 

This online newsletter offers subscribers stock recommendations, trade alerts, and bonus reports focusing on mid-cap companies with growth potential.

But is it the right fit for you? 

This Behind the Markets review will explore the pros and cons of Behind the Markets, giving you an idea of what to expect before you subscribe. 

From the service’s investment strategy to its performance track record, we’ll cover all the essential aspects you need to know.

What is Behind the Markets? 

Behind the Markets is an online newsletter providing subscribers with stock recommendations, trade alerts, and bonus reports. The newsletter’s editor and lead stock picker is Dylan Jovine.

The stock-picking service helps members identify mid-cap companies with growth potential, employing a conservative investment approach focused on long-term value.

One feature that makes Behind the Markets unique is that it doesn’t limit itself to a single sector. Jovine scours the stock market to identify investment opportunities for subscribers regardless of sector or industry.

While many newsletters specialize in specific sectors, Behind the Markets’ diversified approach can help reduce risk and increase potential returns. The newsletter can provide a more comprehensive and balanced view of the markets by broadening its investment universe.

Behind the Markets Investment Strategy

Dylan Jovine is the man behind Behind the Markets, a well-known online stock market newsletter. Jovine has worked in the stock market industry for many years and has a wealth of experience. 

Prior to launching Behind the Markets, Jovine was the founder of Lexington Capital Partners and Tycoon Publishing.

The mid-cap stocks that Behind the Markets focuses on have a market capitalization of between $1 billion and $10 billion. The team of analysts is dedicated to finding fundamentally strong companies that meet their strict criteria. 

They look for companies with low debt, high return on capital, meaningful business moats, and the ability to raise prices over time.

At Behind the Markets, quality takes priority over quantity. The team only issues one pick per month. This pick is undervalued compared to the fair value estimate for the stock, providing you with excellent investment opportunities.

Behind the Markets Features 

  • Stock Picks

Behind the Markets offers a monthly stock pick. The detailed report contains background about the company, why it’s worth buying, and financial charts and tables to outline its current fundamentals.

  • Weekly Trade Ideas

Besides the monthly newsletter, Behind the Markets also provides three weekly emails, each with three stock ideas. The first email highlights three stocks that guru investors like Warren Buffett and Carl Icahn are buying, and the second email focuses on three stocks that Wall Street analysts have rated strong buys. The third email highlights three stocks that corporate insiders are buying.

  • Cut & Paste

If you’re interested in investing in the healthcare sector of the market, Cut & Paste might be of interest to you. This investment opportunity is focused on a single company with a big secret. The company claims that its medical solution can essentially “cut & paste” disease from the body, which could be a valuable asset. However, the company is still relatively unknown, making it an excellent investment time.

  • War Games

War Games is a small defense contracting company with potential gains of up to 35,960% for early investors. The report provides relevant information about this investment opportunity and covers four essential stocks changing the modern battlefield.

How Does Behind the Markets Compare?

When it comes to investing, there are several services out there to choose from. There are several other newsletters to consider if you are looking for alternatives to Behind the Markets. 

Seeking Alpha is a popular choice, offering a range of articles and analyses from investors and experts. Another option is Oxford Income Letter, which focuses on income investing and is a good choice for those interested in dividends. 

Lastly, Simply Wall St is a research platform that uses data-driven analysis to offer insights into potential investments. It’s always a good idea to explore multiple options and find the one that fits your investment style and goals.

Pros and Cons of Behind the Markets


  • Provides unique and consistent investment strategies
  • Offers special bonus reports that cater to specific investment interests
  • Offers three different subscription tiers to choose from based on your budget and needs


  • Results can be inconsistent and may vary depending on your investment choices
  • Overall portfolio performance may be too similar to the S&P 500
  • The website may be slow to load, which can be frustrating for users.

Is Behind the Markets Right for You?

Behind the Markets has a long-term investing strategy and may not be suitable for short-term investors seeking quick gains. 

The service typically yields average returns across the portfolio, but successful investing is all about timing. 

The detailed reports provide valuable information and insights for each stock picked, allowing you to decide whether to invest in a particular stock.

If you prefer simple stock pickers with the promise of rapid returns, consider exploring other options. However, if you value long-term investment growth and are willing to look beyond short-term volatility, Behind the Markets could be a great fit. 

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