Benefits of using Two-factor Authentication (2FA)

An animated concept explaining a 2FA concept with a lady entering the code received on her mobile to her PC.

Benefits of using Two-factor Authentication (2FA)

Data protection is an integral aspect of everyday life. With the growing online security threats, providing adequate security is crucial for businesses dealing with large volumes of information from different users.

Two-factor authentication (2FA) is one of the most popular security measures individuals and businesses employ for data protection. If you have ever received a code or pin to authorize any transaction, you have used a 2FA. From online payments to data protection across multiple apps and devices, this article highlights some crucial benefits.

What is 2FA?

Two-factor authentication has different terms. Sometimes, it is referred to as dual-factor or two-step verification, which is what it means.

It is a security measure customers use to verify their identity using two channels. When more than two channels are required, it becomes multiple-factor authentication (MFA). The only difference is in the number of authentication steps required, and in the case of 2FA, only two are needed.

The factors used vary as follows:

  Answer to a security question or a PIN that only the user knows

  Biometric verification via facial recognition or fingerprint

  User possession which could be a physical token or SMS and email verification codes delivered to specific addresses

So, whether it is your bank app or you are shopping on Amazon, the service provider is expected to ensure adequate security measures. Unfortunately, not all payment gateways make this provision. Sometimes, the option to activate 2FA is not turned on by default. You can visit to see a compilation of payment methods that supports Two-factor authentication. These include cryptocurrencies, and e-wallets like Skrill, PayPal, and Neteller. 

Benefits of using 2FA

The benefits of using 2FA include the following:

Increase Customer Trust

Many sites require users to provide a valid email address and phone number for verification purposes. Users will be sent a link via mail or a verification code. Sometimes, it is sent to both phone and email, and the correct information must be provided before access is granted. 

The process may sometimes look annoying for customers. But, they appreciate the assurance of knowing their data is safe.

Enhanced Security

Besides the conventional login details or pin needed to access an account, 2FA provides an additional layer of security. This is very important for sensitive devices, applications, or transactions. For instance, a typical crypto wallet like Binance allows users to log in via username and password. However, the app also provides additional verification where a passcode is sent to the user’s email and/or phone number for verification. In that case, the username and password alone cannot grant access.

This aspect of the application is crucial. It prevents access rather than waiting for the security prompt upon initiating a transaction.  Learn more about cybersecurity strategy at There is tons of info about data protection and risk management.  

Combat Password fatigue

Most people save passwords on their PC or use simple ones they can remember. Some users even opt for the same password or codes across all platforms to avert the stress. 2FA provides a straightforward measure that combats this issue of password fatigue. Users can quickly generate codes from third-party apps like Authy or have them sent to a dedicated phone and email address.

Account recovery security

Sometimes, it is possible to forget your password, maybe after a long hiatus from the site. It is possible to forget the password or answer the security question associated with the account.  

When that happens,  2FA is helpful as it allows users to generate a security code for verification. It also protects against an unauthorized user looking to take the same approach to gain access to your account.   

Increased resilience

An average user wants to generate a code or password that is easy to remember. But it makes it easy for hackers or cyberbullies to predict your passwords to gain access to sensitive information without authorization.

This is not the same for passcodes generated when using 2FA. The codes are randomly generated and unique, with no predictable pattern. Meanwhile, there are third-party 2FA generators like Duo Mobile, Authy, and 1Password. You can also download Google Authenticator for your device at


In a world where data protection is crucial, Two-factor authentication is a must-have for every user. Whether you frequently shop online or use a mobile app for bank transactions, it feels safer knowing that you have total control always.

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