Best AI Video Editing Tools of 2024

AI or artificial intelligence has become the most pressing issue today. It is featured everywhere, from television to newspapers and more. Just open the Internet, and you’ll be bombarded with AI reports.

The revolution of AI is similar to that of the Internet when it was new. The world would not remain the same, and the same is true in the graphic design industry, where we have prepared a list of AI video editors.

Now, with AI, we can see the world changing in the same way. Today we can see various applications of AI. Whether it’s speech-processing chatbots like ChatGPT, image-processing AIs like DALL.E, or one of those music-processing AI websites, the options offered by AI are quite diverse, and all of this has made the job easier.

What Does an AI Video Editing Tool Mean?

AI video editing tool allows anyone to edit, enhance, or cut a video. Video editing is not limited to adding effects to the video and making the video look complete with transitions; There is much, more. Video editing means keeping your video simple so that the message the video is trying to convey is clear.

FindMyAITool helps users to find any AI tool on their website for video editing which makes video editing easier like adding shots where necessary, removing unnecessary parts, enhancing the color of the video to make it more interesting, adding sound, and blending in other elements. Editing can improve the quality of your video. It all depends on how you do editing and how to avoid over-editing.

From movies to music videos to commercials, every visual image goes through a process of editing. With the advent of AI, this process has become much easier and faster. Free AI software for video editing simplifies tasks that once took hours, delivering professional results in minutes. These AI video producers and online AI video editors optimize videos, ensuring clear and sharp images giving them greater impact on social media platforms.

Some of the Best AI video editing tools of 2024

Now that we have talked about what video editing is and how it is very important let’s check out the Top AI video generator. All of these tools for video editing offer functions and are easy to use. 

1. Runwayml

Runway ML is an online AI video editor platform that uses the power of machine learning to speed up the editing process. Runway ML is completely web-based. Therefore, you don’t need to free up valuable device space by going to downloads or storage. It also supports formats such as PNG and ProRes. One of the best features of Runway ML is its Magic Tools, which offers professional-grade editing capabilities including object removal and rotoscoping.

These tools make video editing faster, easier, and more affordable without compromising quality. Cloud rendering capabilities allow high-quality videos to be edited and exported with ease. Constantly updating and applying the latest advances in computer modeling and deep learning puts Runway ML at the forefront of product development, paving the way for a new era of creative storytelling.

2. Pictory

Pictory is a new AI video editor platform focused on helping users create professionally created videos from their images. It helps turn your memories into beautifully designed videos and is a simple, functional process that can be used by anyone, regardless of editing ability. Once you’ve uploaded your photo and selected a title and music, the Pictory video AI engine will automatically create a touching video for you.

Pictory also allows you to create high-quality video montages of special occasions such as weddings, vacations, and family reunions. This is a great illustration of how AI is changing the first-person narrative and making the wonders of video editing accessible to everyone.

3. Wisecut

WiseCut automatically detects and eliminates silences, uses facial recognition for smoother cuts, and creates subtitles with translations. The tool also selects appropriate background music, creating a seamless audio experience.

With a speech-based storyboard, editing is effortless, making it ideal for YouTube Shorts, TikTok, Instagram Reels, and Social Ads. You can effortlessly turn long posts into short, catchy posts.

4. VEED.IO stands out in the AI ​​video editing landscape with its powerful suite of AI-powered tools, which enables the creation of complex visuals. The platform is ideal for creating compelling videos by combining features like AI text and speech with a rich stock media library. simplifies the process of turning content into animated video, making it an attractive option for creators.

At its core, focuses on user-friendly features, such as the Magic Cut tool for creating high-quality videos, the ability to make video scripts using AI and develop the platform to simplify the video production process with flexible timing, snap-to-grid, and provides a drag-and-drop interface, facilitating user editing experiences.

5. Synthesia

Synthesis is a platform for creating customized videos for organizations using the power of AI. With Synthesia, you can make your custom, high-quality movies powered by AI. All you have to do is use some basic editing commands to add your lessons and create outstanding videos, such as customer onboarding, customer education, and other required features that require image visibility and spectacular variety. takes care of providing artists, audio equipment, and cameras to ensure users have a seamless video generation experience. Synthesis simplifies the process of creating engaging videos for your company’s needs. If you want to build your business with the help of social media platforms, Synthesia can help you with this thanks to its AI video production capabilities.


In conclusion, intelligent hybrid technology has dramatically changed the quality of video production. The availability of the best AI video editor tool in 2024 will change the way video is created, edited, and shared. These tools, such as Runway ML, Pictory, Wisecut, VEED.IO, and Synthesia, introduce extensive functionality that streamlines the conversion process and makes it easier for users to access professional status.

From removing objects to creating interactive notes, these AI tools simplify tasks that previously required hours of manual labor. Additionally, users of all skill levels are empowered to express their creativity and tell amazing visual stories. Whether it’s for personal projects, social media content, or professional marketing, these AI video generator platforms offer simple solutions that meet a variety of needs and wants.

We can anticipate significant advancements in video editing technology as AI develops, which will result in even more productive workflows and breathtaking visual experiences. With AI continuing to be incorporated into more and more creative disciplines, video editing has a bright future with countless opportunities for expression and storytelling.

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