Best HMB Supplement for 2023: Boost Your Energy and Nourish Your Muscle Mass 

Fitness is about being in good shape for overall well-being and physical performance for athletes. Apart from following proper nutrition guidelines, dietary supplements are available to help users achieve their fitness goals. HMB supplement is a product you might come across when looking for formulations that support muscle health.

The market has a variety of HMB brands to consider purchasing. However, proper research is vital before using any supplement. Below is a guide on HMB with essential details you should know and products to consider buying. It also covers things to consider before buying supplements.

Best HMB Supplement for 2023: Summary

Choosing the best HMB supplements protects your body from side effects and ensures you get value for your money. Such products contain safe, high-quality ingredients and undergo tests to ensure purity. You want to spend money on a supplement worth the price. Here are some of the best HMB formulations to consider using.

  1. HMB Powder: Best Overall 
  2. Nutricost HMB 240 Capsules: Best Formulation
  3. Eagleshine Vitamins Ultra Strength HMB 300 Capsules: Best Quantity   
  4. POWERLIFE Tony Horton High Impact Plant Protein HMB Powder: Best Well-rounded  
  5. MET-Rx HMB 1000 Diet Supplement Capsules, 90 Count: Best Dosing
  6. Optimum Nutrition HMB, 1000mg, 90 Capsules: Best Encapsulation
  7. HMB Supplement 120 Capsules: Best Manufacturing

How We Choose the Best HMB Supplement for 2023 Brands

The HMB supplements market has numerous products for users to try. It can be challenging to identify formulations to consider. We use various factors when choosing products to ensure we recommend safe, high-quality formulas. Continue reading for details.

Brand Reputation

A company’s reputation is essential when buying HMB supplements. We check brands thoroughly to ascertain their reputation in the supplements industry. We also check how satisfied customers are with products to gauge their performance. We go ahead to examine whether a supplement has had complaints from customers or if it has received any warnings from regulatory authorities. The best HMB supplements meet the needs of users, and many are happy with the products. They also have a good name in the supplements market and do not cause adverse effects for customers.


We also look into a brand’s manufacturing process. Premium HMB supplements are made in cGMP-compliant, FDA-approved facilities. Customers are more confident about getting HMB made in a safe, clean environment to protect their health. cGMP refers to current good manufacturing practices and FDA approval is essential. Approved facilities mean a brand is serious about protecting its customers.

Quality of Ingredients

The other aspect we consider is the quality of ingredients. Any product that goes on or in your body should be high quality. You want to use HMB supplementation that does not put your health at risk, and quality components are a vital part of that. The best HMB supplements contain safe, non-GMO components. They do not have artificial colors, flavors, dyes, or additives. Instead, they contain simple ingredients, and HMB is the primary component, ensuring your body gets the main ingredient it needs for the expected benefits.

Third-party Testing

Buying low-quality HMB supplements is possible if you are not cautious. The supplements market is not as strict. The best HMB brands test their formulas in-house at various stages of production to ensure customers get safe, quality products. Testing should not end with in-house examinations. Leading companies also take their products through third-party testing at approved, reliable laboratories.

Experts check the formulas to ensure purity and quality, giving users an independent look into products for their safety. Third-party tests confirm a product’s composition to ensure quality consistency. The lab report should also be quickly accessible, allowing consumers to know the components they put in their bodies.


We also check how transparent an HMB manufacturer is. Premium brands are open about product ingredients and production processes. They have detailed product descriptions and provide ingredient lists. That way, you learn enough about a supplement from the brand before checking other online sites. Transparency increases a brand’s credibility in the market. The best companies clearly state their ingredients and explain where they third-party test their products.   


Pricing is another factor we look into.  Brands offer HMB supplements at different prices, depending on ingredients and other aspects. A lower price does not mean poor quality. We compare different products based on brand reputation, manufacturing, and ingredients quality to determine the best formulations. HMB supplement prices range from $20 to $50.

Product Type

HMB supplements are available in capsule and powder forms. You get to choose what you prefer. Some brands provide supplements in only one form, capsule or powder. Nonetheless, others HMB in both forms, fostering convenience. That way, you can stick to the same brand if you are switching from capsule to powder or vice versa. Nonetheless, companies that offer high-quality supplements in one form are worth the try. You can always find alternative brands that offer the product type you need. What matters is using HMB supplements that are top-quality and third-party tested to ensure your safety.

Customer Reviews

Customer reviews give more insight into fitness products. We go through them to get a comprehensive look into HMB formulations. We consider customer reviews on product pages and other online platforms for a better product outlook. The best HMB formulas have satisfied customers. When a product has many customer complaints, look for a different brand.

Best HMB Supplement for 2023: Review

Finding the best HMB supplement to use in 2023 should not be an issue. The market has a wide range of brands to consider, and below is an HMB supplement review to help you spend money on high-quality products. HMB Powder: Best Overall

HMB powder from is a product to consider purchasing. It comes in an elegant pack and different quantities to choose from. It is made in an FDA-registered facility and undergoes third-party testing at reputable labs in the U.S. The powder may support lean muscle growth and aid muscle recovery. You can also take it before workouts for enhanced athletic performance. Many users are satisfied with this HMB powder, giving it high ratings. It is safe and contains simple, high-quality ingredients.

You can mix the powder with water, smoothies, or juice. Take one or two services daily and watch how your body responds. Buy HMB powder, considering its simple, high-quality composition and affordability. Moreover, the manufacturer follows high standards of production and takes the product through third-party testing to ensure customers get a safe, pure supplement.


  • High-quality and lab-tested
  • Sugar, dairy, soy, and yeast-free
  • Vegan-friendly and quality-inspected
  • Has no fillers or calories
  • Slows muscle breakdown & increases lean muscle mass
  • Supports muscle recovery & endurance


  •  It can be clumpy
  • The unflavored taste is awful
  • Does not come with a scoop

Nutricost HMB 240 Capsules: Best Formulation

Nutricost HMB capsules are made and lab-tested in the U.S., offering users a quality formulation. If you are looking for the best HMB supplement for elderly people, include Nutricost on your list. It may reduce muscle breakdown and lower cholesterol and blood pressure. Each capsule contains 500mg of HMB, and you should take two pills per serving. The gelatin capsules contain clean, safe ingredients to support wellness.

Nutricost makes its supplements in FDA-registered facilities and takes them through third-party testing at ISO-accredited labs. The company sources ingredients from around the globe to make high-quality, effective supplements. Every batch also undergoes gluten testing to ensure no cross-contamination. Apart from HMB, these capsules contain calcium, magnesium stearate, and microcrystalline cellulose as ingredients. Swallow them with 8-12oz of water. Consider buying Nutricost HMB capsules for their quality, safety, and U.S. manufacturing. The brand also has a 60-day money-back guarantee for customers.


  •  Gluten-free, flavorless, and non-GMO
  • Contain clean ingredients
  • Easy to swallow and utilize
  • Third-party tested and fairly priced
  • Made in a GMP-complaint facility
  • Improves muscle mass


  •  Gelatin capsules are not vegan-friendly

Eagleshine Vitamins Ultra Strength HMB 300 Capsules: Best Quantity

Eagleshine Vitamins is another brand offering the best HMB supplements. The high-strength capsules offer the support you need for improved workouts and overall well-being. They come in a 300-count jar, offering you 150 days of HMB supply. The pills contain 99% pure HMB that is easily absorbed into the body. You should take two capsules daily. These capsules are made for athletes, bodybuilders, and everyone else to help with muscle growth and retention.

The manufacturer is cGMP-compliant and, like other best HMB brands, takes the supplement through third-party testing. Besides HMB, the other ingredients include rice flour, silicon dioxide, magnesium stearate, and gelatin. The capsules can also help older users with muscle retention. They boost HMB levels in the body and support faster recovery after workouts. Consider using Eagleshine’s HMB capsules for their ultra-strength composition. They are also made in the U.S. and are simple to add to your routine. All you need is water to down the pills.


  • Flavorless and gluten-free
  • Optimal lean muscle maintenance
  • Contain a top-grade formula
  • Easily swallowed and absorbed
  • Have non-GMO components
  • Tested for quality and purity
  • Highly bioavailable
  • Free of soy, wheat, dairy, eggs, and peanuts


  •  Capsules are made with gelatin, not suitable for vegan 

POWERLIFE Tony Horton High Impact Plant Protein HMB Powder: Best Well-rounded

If you are looking for HMB powder that offers more than HMB, Powerlife has you covered. The Tony Horton-founded brand offers you a high-impact HMB powder with a unique blend of ingredients. It contains plant protein, 3000mg of HMB, vitamin D3, and digestive enzymes. HMB and vitamin D3 work together to enhance muscle building and retention. The protein blend entails mung bean, yellow pea, and sunflower flax and helps with weight management. Protein curbs cravings as it makes one feel full for longer.

Mix a scoop of the powder with 8oz water or add it to a smoothie and enjoy its nutritional value. Drink a serving in the morning to feel energized or after workouts to promote muscle strength. Powerlife HMB powder fosters muscle growth and supports recovery after workouts. It contains the recommended daily amounts of HMB and vitamin D3, enhancing wellness. It is a supplement worth trying, considering its science-backed composition. Additionally, Tony Horton founded Powerlife. He is in his 60s and dedicated to helping others achieve their potential in fitness and general well-being.


  •  Comes in delicious flavor
  • Keto and vegan-friendly
  • Contains plant-based protein
  • Does not have added sugars
  • Has science-backed ingredients
  • Hormone and antibiotic-free


  •  It can be gritty
  • It is a bit costly

MET-Rx HMB 1000 Diet Supplement Capsules, 90 Count-Best Dosing

MET-Rx 1000 HMB capsules allow you to take one pill per serving, unlike other brands, where you have to take two pills to get 1000mg of HMB. The capsules promote muscle strength and support faster recovery after workouts. Initially, MET-Rx made HMB capsules with only 250mg of the supplement per capsule. The new, improved capsules are four times stronger, offering better results. One MET-Rx capsule has 1000mg of HMB.

These HMB capsules also have gelatin and vegetable magnesium stearate. The manufacturer checks the raw materials and finished products to ensure customers get high-quality, safe HMB supplements. The brand recommends having one capsule four times a day, most preferably with meals. MET-R also makes other fitness products that support wellness, including protein shakes and bars. MET-Rx HMB capsules are simple to utilize, as you take one pill per serving. They also incorporate safe ingredients to maintain muscle structure and foster recovery.


  •  Premium quality with a simple formulation
  • Available in stunning packaging
  • Stronger than the previous formula
  • U.S.-made and easy to utilize


  •  The pills are a bit big
  • The brand does not mention any third-party testing

Optimum Nutrition HMB, 1000mg, 90 Capsules: Best Encapsulation

Optimum Nutrition HMB capsules are GMP-certified pills that may help with improved gym performance and muscle strength. They undergo both in-house and third-party lab tests to ensure purity and quality. One capsule contains 1000mg of HMB, and you should have three capsules per day, preferably with food. They support protein synthesis and help users build and retain muscle. The capsules are made with a gelatin shell, and a 90-count bottle gives you 30 servings.

These capsules are suitable for everyone. You can easily pull them apart and sprinkle on your smoothie, but this is not the recommended way to use the capsules. They come in a jar, and ensure you keep it away from direct sunlight and heat. A bottle gives you a one-month supply before buying another pack. Consider Optimum Nutrition HMB supplements when looking for quality hydroxymethyl butyrate products. They are simple to use, and you take only one pill per serving. They also undergo independent lab tests to confirm product composition.


  • Unflavored for easy consumption
  • Support muscle protein synthesis
  • Made-in-approved facilities
  • Lab tested for safety and quality
  • Allows easy dosing


  • Have a non-vegan shell
  • They can be expensive

HMB Supplement 120 Capsules: Best Manufacturing

HMB capsules from Double Woods Supplements are made with adherence to industry standards. The company is committed to making quality, tested products to help reduce muscle loss. The capsules are rooted in science to maximize their performance. You should have 2-4 capsules per day. One capsule contains 500mg of HMB, and each bottle carries 120 capsules. The pills are also third-party tested to ensure customers get premium products. 

Double Woods Supplements is also transparent about product ingredients and lab tests. Do not take more than four capsules per day. The company also utilizes gelatin and silicon dioxide in making the capsules. They support muscle growth and retention, helping users build muscles. Keep in mind these pills during purchase due to the manufacturer’s efforts to make a high-quality, potent formulation. Besides, adjusting the dose is easier since each pill has 500mg of HMB. Try out the supplement and monitor how your body responds.


  • Unflavored and gluten-free
  • Do not contain corn or dairy
  • U.S.-made and premium quality
  • Reduce muscle loss
  • Available in well-made packaging
  • Non-GMO and lab-tested


  • Some brands offer more capsules per jar

What Is HMB?

HMB stands for hydroxymethyl butyrate, also known as beta-hydroxy beta-methyl butyric acid or beta-hydroxy beta-methyl butyrate. It is a metabolite (derivative) of leucine, an amino acid that builds and repairs muscles. The human body makes HMB when leucine is broken down. However, companies provide HMB supplements for users looking to reduce muscle breakdown and promote muscle growth. HMB may also enhance athletic performance and muscle strength.

What Are HMB Supplements? 

What is an HMB supplement? HMB supplements are products that contain hydroxymethyl butyrate as a primary component. The human body produces HMB in small amounts. HMB supplements are designed to help boost HMB levels in the body for better protein synthesis and reduced muscle breakdown. They come in powder and capsule forms, with brands offering various pack sizes to consider buying. You can buy HMB supplements online or from health food stores and supplement outlets.

Despite the reported benefits of HMB supplements, some users do not experience muscle improvement. Nevertheless, quality HMB supplements are safe and worth the try. You need to try the product to establish if it works for you. Take your time to research a brand before buying its HMB product. HMB supplements are common among athletes and bodybuilders, but other groups can use the products, including the elderly. 

In fact, you can also use HMB supplements with other supplements such as vitamin D, creatine, and glutamine. These combinations may support muscle building and enhance exercise performance. The studies have mixed findings, so the benefits are not guaranteed, but the supplements are worth considering.

Manufacturers use two types of HMB in supplements: calcium salt and free acid. Free acid HMB allows faster release of HMB into the blood than calcium-bound HMB. Many studies and brands provide calcium salt HMB supplements. Free acid HMB also leaves your system faster. Both types of HMB are worth considering, as they both have downsides, and research is yet to show the better type. Check the product label to identify the type of HMB a company uses if that is important to you.

How Are HMB Supplements Made?

HMB supplements are made with different ingredients, depending on whether you are buying capsules or powder. The best HMB formulation contains simple ingredients with no fillers to protect your well-being.

Capsules are easy to utilize. HMB has an unpleasant taste, and encapsulation saves you from putting up with the flavor. Swallow HMB capsules with water and wait for the effects to kick in. With HMB powder, you can add it to a protein shake or milk to cover up HMB’s taste. Some brands provide flavored HMB powders, which you can still blend with other ingredients for an improved taste.

Benefits of HMB Supplements  

Studies support HMB’s efficacy in exercise and medical conditions, but the findings are conflicting. However, HMB supplements are effective for some users. Here are potential HMB supplement benefits.

Fosters Muscle Growth

HMB supplements could decrease exercise-related muscle breakdown, boost cardiovascular performance, and enhance muscle growth. HMB is a metabolite of leucine, an amino acid that supports muscle building and repair. Preliminary studies suggest HMB may enhance muscle growth, but more research is vital.

One recent review published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition examined HMB’s efficacy on muscle mass and physical function in 15 random trials with 2,137 participants. HMB and HMB Supplements increased muscle mass and strength, although the effect was small.

Lowers Muscle Breakdown 

HMB supplements could also reduce the breakdown of muscle protein. It may prevent muscle loss in people with certain medical conditions. HMB can help with muscle loss-related conditions affecting the elderly, fostering overall wellness.

The component can indirectly increase muscle mass by preserving your muscles. One study done at Iowa State University found that HMB supplementation with 1.5-3 grams daily can partially lower muscle protein breakdown. The study also involved protein intake and training and lasted three weeks.

Enhanced Endurance

HBM supplements may also boost endurance. HBM can increase aerobic capacity, enhancing endurance in users. This is vital for users who need to build lean muscles and athletes. Enhanced endurance means more time in training to achieve fitness and sports goal. A study involving 16 elite male rowers had them take HMB supplementation and a placebo. Rowers that were given HMB experienced increased endurance.

Supports Recovery

HMB supplements support recovery after intense training, which can cause muscle damage. HMB may fasten recovery after intense workout sessions, helping users reach goals sooner. Use the supplement 30 minutes before workouts to foster body strength and faster recovery after high-intensity training. HMB may also relieve muscle soreness, according to some studies.

 Research on HMB has promising outcomes, but the findings are also conflicting. However, the supplement is safe, and you should consider using it due to the benefits it may provide. You can use HMB supplements for up to 8 weeks.

The International Society of Sports Nutrition has concluded that HMB can be utilized to enhance recovery in trained and untrained groups. The organization adds that athletes benefit from HMB when used close to workout times. It also explains that both calcium and free acid HMB are good choices. Additionally, chronic HMB consumption is safe for young and old individuals.

Side Effects of Taking HMB Supplements

HMB is a metabolite of leucine, an amino acid. HMB supplements are considered safe and can be used with other amino acids and supplements. However, some people have experienced constipation, stomach pain, upset stomach, itching, and nausea as HMB supplement’s side effects. These effects should not discourage you from trying HMB. Most users tolerate HMB and do not have any problems when using it.

Ensure you follow the dosage guidelines when using HMB supplements, which are 2-3 grams per day. Split the amount into 2-3 servings spread throughout the day to maximize HMB’s benefits. Remember to consult a doctor before utilizing any HMB supplement to ensure product safety for your health.

It is always prudent to speak to a physician before adding any fitness product to your wellness regimen, especially if you are on medication or have a medical condition. If you are nursing or pregnant, consult a medical professional too before using HMB.

Things to Consider Before Buying the Right HMB Supplements

Buying the right HMB supplements calls for extra caution. Regulations on the supplements market may not be as strict. Buying a low-quality product with fillers and artificial components is possible. Below are things to keep in mind during purchase to ensure you choose only high-quality HMB supplements for your well-being.

Brand Reputation

Buy HMB supplements from reputable companies known for offering high-quality products. Such follow high standards of production and value consumer safety. They take necessary measures to ensure users get the best supplements with safe, quality ingredients. Always take time to learn more about a brand, even if it is popular. That way, you get to make an informed purchasing choice. Compare different brands and find one that suits your needs.

Manufacturing Facilities

Choose HMB supplements made in FDA-approved facilities. Good health is a vital part of human life. A serious, professional brand makes supplements in certified facilities to ensure customers get clean, safe formulations. It also follows good manufacturing practices to foster high-quality product manufacturing. The best brands explicitly state where they make their HMB supplements, preventing doubt among customers. You do not have to look somewhere else for this vital information.

Ingredients Used

Ingredients are crucial when looking at any fitness supplement. You need to know what you are putting in your body. Check the ingredients a brand utilizes and even research them to know more. You cannot take any chances with your health. The best manufacturers use simple, few components with HMB as the main ingredient here. Avoid brands that use the term ‘proprietary blend’ and go for those that clearly state the ingredients used in their products. Artificial colors, dyes, and additives are never good for your body.

The performance of a supplement lies in the component, and high-quality ingredients are safe for your body and should offer benefits. If you have diet restrictions, the market has vegan and keto-friendly HMB supplements to consider using. Be keen to check the ingredients list to ensure you choose the right product for yourself.

Third-party Testing

Premium HMB supplements are also third-party tested to ensure purity. Experts at an independent, certified laboratory check supplement ingredients to ensure the safety of consumers. Product testing should go beyond in-house tests. Third-party testing provides an impartial look into HMB supplements, boosting customer confidence in a brand.

Go for HMB supplements that go through independent lab tests. That way, you are certain that an impartial body looked into the products’ composition. If you cannot find the lab report, contact the brand you are looking at for clarification.

Dosage Guidelines

The best HMB supplements come with clear instructions on how to use them. Guesswork is not an option. Premium products have an informative label with the dosage to utilize and warnings as well. They also have storage guidelines to help maintain supplement integrity. Ensure you use the recommended dose, not exceeding it, to protect your well-being. Use the advised HMB amount per day.


You want to buy an HMB supplement from a transparent manufacturer. The best brand is open about its manufacturing processes, ingredients used, and product testing. Customers get to know more about the supplement before purchasing it. Confirm the ingredients a manufacturer utilizes and check whether supplements go through third-party testing.

You do not want to buy HMB supplements from a company that hides vital details from you. Remember to avoid brands that use a ‘proprietary blend’ in their products. You do not know what that blend contains. No one wants to consume unknown ingredients.

Check Reviews

Take time to check supplements’ reviews. You get to know a product’s performance among people who have actually used it. Check unbiased reviews from different online platforms for a better understanding of a supplement.

The best supplements have most customers happy and have high ratings. Apart from reviews on brand websites, check customer feedback on other sites to get a comprehensive look into supplements.


HMB supplements differ in price, with some being costlier or more affordable. What matters is product quality. Keep in mind the above factors to identify high-quality HMB supplements. A less expensive product does not necessarily mean lower quality.

Check different quality brands and choose what fits your budget. Some companies also have subscription plans that save you money on your purchases.

Product Packaging

Product packaging is also a vital aspect to check. You do not want to buy HMB pills in loosely made capsules. HMB powder should also be packed in well-made containers to protect the integrity of the formula.

Many brands offer HMB supplements in elegant, quality packaging to ensure customers get products in their intact from free of damage. Leading brands provide HMB supplements in different quantities to ensure customers get the pack sizes they prefer for convenience.

Customer Service

You want to buy HMB supplements from a company with great customer service. That way, you get the help you need without frustration. The best brands have responsive customer support, and you can reach them through various avenues, including social media, to get the information you need. Many best brands also have a return policy and money-back guarantees.

This shows they trust their products and do not have any issues with returns. However, you should use HMB for at least two weeks to determine how your body responds to the leucine metabolite.

Informative Website

You can buy HMB supplements from physical and online stores. You can also get them directly from manufacturer websites. The best brands have informative, easy-to-navigate websites. You get the product information you need from the sites and learn more about the companies before placing any orders. Look out for deals and save more on your HMB purchases. You can also sign up for a subscription plan and have a consistent supply of HMB.


When should I take HMB supplements?

You can take HMB supplements 2-3 times a day for muscle health. Spread out the daily dose into small servings to maximize HMB’s benefits. You can also use it 30 minutes or an hour before exercise to achieve your fitness goals.

How should I take HMB supplements for the best absorption?

It depends on why you are taking HMB supplements. You can take HMB before workouts for endurance and enhanced strength and after exercise to support and fasten the recovery process. You can also use HMB even when you are not working out. Consider taking HMB with food. 

Final Thoughts

HMB is a derivative of leucine, an amino acid that supports muscle building. HMB may help improve muscle mass, build strength, and support recovery, according to studies. However, more research is needed into HMB’s potential benefits since studies did show conflicting findings.

The market has a wide range of HMB supplements to consider using. They come in powder and capsule form to match your preference. They also come in different potencies to match your needs. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced user, the market has the HMB supplement you need to try out.

The above guide has a review of some of the best HMB supplements to purchase. They are all high-quality with safe ingredients to protect your health. Keep in mind the factors we have discussed during purchase to identify top-quality HMB supplements. Remember to consult a doctor before trying out the supplements, especially if you are on medication or have a health condition. HMB supplements are safe, and many users do not face any side effects when using these products. Ensure you buy high-quality formulations that have been third-party tested to ensure you spend money on quality products.

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