The Best Marketing Strategies to Pull Off as a Commercial Company

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With people more connected and willing to engage than ever, the best marketing strategies have potentially colossal reach in the modern space. However, as a commercial company, the number of platforms, methods of engagement, types of strategies, and potential reign of creativity available can be overwhelming.

Not all methods work the same, and yet some have proven to be very effective across several different sectors. So here, we’ll be running down some of the very best marketing strategies around, looking into how and why they work.

There’s no denying the appeal of social media marketing

Social media has become the primary platform for any company seeking to roll out a digital marketing strategy. However, the space as a target of marketing campaigns is constantly evolving, with platforms and users reacting differently now than they did even a few months ago. As such, short-run marketing campaigns which capitalise on what works now often prove to be the most effective, with follow-up runs being adjusted where necessary.

The sheer size of the social media audience is what has popularised it as a platform for digital marketing. There are roughly 4.4 billion internet users in the world, with around 3.5 billion social media users.

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However, a trend being called the ‘digital detox’ is sweeping the platforms, with people opting to cut time or even remove accounts from social media for reasons ranging from avoiding false news reports to trying to make better use of their time. As such, not as much impetus should be put on a social media campaign, while for any to become successful, they need to be as meaningful as possible. Using tools which create a positive and memorable impact on the audience with even the most fleeting amount of engagement is key to a successful marketing campaign across social media.

Furthermore, aiming to have a social media marketing strategy needs to be refined so that efforts aren’t wasted on platforms that won’t respond to your efforts. For example, Facebook is the obvious platform of choice for many due to it having over 2 billion monthly users and being particularly favourable to eCommerce efforts. Instagram, however, boasts the highest rate of audience engagement across the big names, with the image and video-based platform naturally inviting for interactions.

The power of neuromarketing through flyers

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While the flyer is a tried-and-trusted method of marketing, it has evolved a great deal over the last couple of decades, with marketers having a much greater understanding of what makes a flyer work.

The key is to appeal to favourable reactions within the human brain which make the imagery more appealing. Researchers of neuromarketing have uncovered a great deal of information as to how flyer marketing needs to stimulate the basal forebrain rostral while avoiding the activation of serotonin to achieve maximum results.

Through this research, it has been found that the desire of wanting and the instinct of control can be influenced by the right optimisation and that flyers based on the findings of neuromarketing research can boost sales. As noted in the social media section, short-run strategies have become the optimum method of appealing to the modern audience while also giving the commercial company flexibility and the chance to adapt the strategy as trends change.

Several key strategies can be deployed to make your short-run flyer campaign as effective and adherent to neuromarketing findings as possible, with the aim to encourage readiness to consume.

Sometimes, it can be simple as offering a form of gift alongside a purchase or utilising the principle of eye-tracking which take your flyers from most ineffective into potent marketing tools. With so many key strategies available, there’s bound to be one which aligns with what your company’s campaign aims to achieve.

The art of the stunt to make a memorable impression

While the right social media campaigns and flyer campaigns can easily make a lasting and positive impression, some of the more memorable campaigns have revolved around a form of publicity stunt. Perhaps the most notable marketing company in this regard is the French company BETC, whose creatives have come up with so many marketing stunts which have considerably raised the profile of the company that they’ve been advertising.

In 2013, the French National Super Loto wanted to raise awareness for its big jackpot in the middle of winter. So, BETC went out to the streets to give passers-by Super Loto ‘Lucky Gloves’ which had two fingers crossed over to give the wearer warmth and luck in the upcoming lottery.

In 2016, French games company Ubisoft sought to promote their new IP ‘The Division.’ So, they launched the virus-influenced societal breakdown simulator called ‘Collapse.’ The mini-game was so popular that it greatly boosted the profile of Ubisoft’s big upcoming game.

Both of the example marketing campaigns were made available online to further extend the reach of the advertising efforts, with people who liked what they saw sharing the content and discussing it to run the campaigns further. Pulling off a creative stunt that’s related to the aim of the campaign can leave a lasting and positive impact on those who interact with the stunt, with further footage and coverage being easily spread by the audience across the internet.

There is still power in land-based, in-person marketing campaigns, but there’s no denying the reach and cost-effective nature of digital marketing. Using or extrapolating the strategies above should help you to find the winning formula for your commercial company.

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