Bigfoot skull on Mars detected in NASA image

A Bigfoot skull has been detected in an image captured by the Curiosity Rover, a NASA robotic vehicle that is exploring Gale Crater on the Red Planet. Alien enthusiasts are convinced the image is compelling proof that we are not alone, and definitely not the only intelligent life form in our Solar System.

Others, mainly scientists, beg to differ, insisting that the skull-looking object is just another Mars rock that looks slightly like a cranium.

Paranormal Crucible, a YouTube channel and Facebook page run by ‘Marie’, who says the loves everything about the paranormal and bizarre, posted a video online insisting that a Curiosity Rover’s enhanced image of the surface of Mars shows a visible skull from a Martian humanoid that probably belonged to an advanced civilisation.

Alleged alien skull on MarsThe close up image definitely looks like a skull with two eye sockets. However, paranormal crucible ‘processed’ the blow-up version, without explaining properly how this was done. Was Photoshop used in the processing? (Image: Youtube)

Marie says that it is an authentic NASA image, and that it looks just like Bigfoot, also known as Sasquatch. She also suggests that it could be some bizarre kind of Martian creature.

Paranormal Crucible zoomed in on the enigmatic rock and ‘processed’ the close up to reveal two clearly visible eyesockets, a possible nose and what looks like a hole in the side of the skull where one would expect an ear to be.

The video, which since 7th June already has nearly 300,000 views, has triggered immense excitement across the world, almost exclusively among UFO hunters, alien enthusiasts and conspiracy theorists.

Experts, who are currently looking for any kind of life form on the Red Planet, say they have not yet found anything – not even a single-cell organism. Scientists would say that if microorganisms have not yet been detected after extensive searches lasting several years, the chances of an advanced civilization existing there are virtually zero.

Original NASA image bigfoot skullThis is a part of the original NASA image. Most people are not convinced by Marie’s interpretation, and say they just see another Mars rock. What do you think? (Image:

Viewer Comments

Comments by viewers range from jokes, ridicule, amazement, to elaborate and unlikely explanations for this ‘amazing find’.

MagenxA wrote: “Looks like a gladiator helmet…Maybe Martians like those kind of entertainment.”

Graqu drew lots of laughter saying that the image looked just like Donald Trump’s toupee. A viewer responded with “This comment made my day!!”

Reading down the list of comments is bound to make anybody laugh. Somebody said ironically that he was amazed because it is a ‘rock’, while another stretched the humour further suggesting it was a weather balloon.

Toby Nayland1 made this interesting comment: “How can you say it’s an alien skull if we don’t know what aliens look like?”

Toby clearly upset Tecosaurus, who responded with: “Alien is considered to be any life not from Earth. If that answer isn’t obvious then it is clear that you don’t know what it actually means.”

FALLEN WORLD, clearly a conspiracy theorist, said any footage from NASA allegedly from other planets are fake, because they are all filmed in studios on Earth to make us think they have reached other planets.

With US Presidential elections looming later this year, Trump and Clinton will appear more frequently in funny comments – n7hevn wrote: “Please send Hillary Clinton up to investigate, she always tells the truth…!!!”

Pareidolia cloud in the skyThe boy on the left is suffering from severe pareidolia – he really thinks the cloud is something evil. The other boy is fascinated by its shape because it reminds him of something – but he knows it is just a cloud. I wonder whether the Paranormal Crucible administrator was more like the boy on the left or right when she was a child. What do you think?

Another case of pareidolia?

Do you think Marie is just horsing around, is it a real alien skull, or do we have here another case of pareidolia?

Pareidolia is the tendency to see shapes or random patterns and perceive them as meaningful things. They don’t just remind the person of something or someone – they believe it is real.

Do you remember when you were a child and looked at the clouds in the sky, commenting on their shapes? Perhaps you said that one looked like a witch with a long chin, a bunny rabbit, or Casper the ghost.

However, you knew the shapes of those clouds were just reminders of things – they were not real witches or bunny rabbits, etc.

People who suffer from pareidolia, however, really believe it is the real thing or person. The press occasionally reports on individuals who swear they saw the face of Jesus Christ on surface, such as a burnt piece of toast.

The Merrian-Webster dictionary defines pareidolia as follows:

“The tendency to perceive a specific, often meaningful, image in a random or ambiguous visual pattern. The human brain is optimized to recognize faces, which could also explain why we are so good at picking out meaningful shapes in random patterns.”

Over the past thirty years, we have become increasingly interested in alien encounters and UFO sightings. The number of reports on mysterious events has risen dramatically since the turn of the century.

Conspiracy theorists, alien enthusiasts and UFO hunters will tell you that governments are no longer able to keep all this information secret, and that is why there are more reported events. However, most psychologists believe that the increase in reported sightings coincides with an explosion of sci-fi TV series and movies.

Nearly everybody today in the advanced economies, and a significant percentage of those in the rest of the world, walk about with a smartphone that can take photographs. This was not the case twenty or thirty years ago. Perhaps all these smartphones across the globe may also explain the greater number of reported sightings today.

Video – A Sasquatch skull discovered on Mars?

Is this an image of a real alien skull on Mars, is Marie delusional, or is she simply trying to get as much online traffic as possible in order to earn lots of advertising income?