Birch Gold Review

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Are you looking to protect your future with an investment you can trust? If so, Birch Gold Group could be the answer. Based in California, Birch Gold Group is one of the premier precious metals specialists in the United States. With over a decade of experience, they are committed to helping their customers protect their future through strategic investments in gold and silver. 

From diversifying your portfolio to protecting your wealth for generations, Birch Gold Group provides customers with the products and services they need to do just that. Their team of experts offer exceptional service, secure storage, and competitive prices and fees, making them an ideal choice for anyone looking to make an investment in gold and silver. Whether you’re a seasoned investor or just starting out, Birch Gold Group can help you protect your future today. Continue reading for our full Birch Gold review.

What is Birch Gold Group?

Birch Gold Group’s mission is to empower individuals and families to protect their future through precious metals investments. They work hard to provide their customers with exceptional service, secure storage, and convenient options for buying and selling gold and silver.

As a customer of Birch Gold Group, you are able to access a wide range of gold and silver products. Whether you’re looking to diversify your investment portfolio or just build up your savings, the company offers a range of products to fit your needs. You can buy coins and bars in a variety of sizes, including 1 oz, 2.5 oz, 10 oz, and more. They also offer precious metals IRAs, coins and bars in collectible versions, and even gift cards.

Self Directed IRA

Birch Gold Group offers a self-directed IRA, which allows customers to invest in gold and silver with their retirement savings. With this type of IRA, you are given complete control over the investments you make, allowing you to diversify your retirement portfolio with precious metals investments. The company also offers Precious Metals IRAs, which feature no account setup fees and no annual maintenance fees. This does not mean there are NO costs associated for their services, but we cover that more below. 

When it comes to investing in gold and silver with a self-directed IRA, Birch Gold Group offers a wide range of products, including 1 oz, 2.5 oz, 10 oz coins and bars. The company also offers storage options for all of your investments, whether you store them in their own insured facility or in your own home, giving you complete control over where your investments are stored.

Home Delivery

Birch Gold Group offers a home delivery service for customers who prefer to store their investments at home. When ordering through the home delivery service, customers can choose to have their purchases shipped directly to their home, or to a third-party vault. Home delivery is generally available for orders of any size and is typically completed within 7-10 business days.

For added peace of mind, Birch Gold Group’s home delivery service offers secure packaging and shipping, with tracking numbers provided for each shipment. The company also provides shipping insurance on all orders. 

In addition to home delivery, customers also have the option of storing their gold and silver investments in Birch Gold Group’s secure facility. This option is ideal for those who prefer the convenience and security of a third-party storage solution.

What are the Cost and Fees for Birch Gold?

There are a few costs and fees associated with buying and selling gold and silver through Birch Gold Group.

When it comes to buying gold and silver products, Birch Gold Group offers competitive prices, with no hidden fees. The company also charges fees for shipping, processing, and storage, depending on the size of your order. 

When it comes to selling gold and silver, the company charges a fee of 3-5%. They may also require you to pay sales tax & shipping fees. 

If you decide to open a Precious Metals IRA, the company does not charge any account setup fees or annual maintenance fees. However, you may be required to pay a transaction fee when buying and selling gold and silver. The company also charges a storage fee of 0.2% of total balance per annum. 

Overall, Birch Gold Group offers competitive prices and fees, making it a great choice for anyone looking to buy and sell gold and silver.

Why Invest in Precious Metals?

Many investors like precious metals because they are tangible assets that can protect their investments against market uncertainty and inflation. Precious metals are also a great way to diversify your portfolio, as they are not dependent on events in the stock market and can act as a hedge against other investments. In addition, you can easily buy and sell precious metals, allowing you to take advantage of market conditions. Finally, precious metals can be a great way to pass wealth on to future generations, making them a great long-term investment.

In addition to providing a wide selection of gold and silver products, Birch Gold Group also offers excellent customer service. The company’s team of precious metals experts is available to answer any questions you may have about investing in gold and silver. They can also help you choose the best products for your needs, as well as explain the tax implications associated with investing in precious metals.

Final Thoughts

Overall, Birch Gold Group is a great option for anyone interested in investing in precious metals. The company’s wide selection of coins and bars, secure storage facilities, excellent customer service, and competitive prices and fees make it an ideal choice for anyone looking to invest. Whether you’re a seasoned investor or just starting out, Birch Gold Group can help you protect your future with gold and silver investments. Click here to learn more. 

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