Bizarre UFO flying around International Space Station videoed

A bizarre UFO flying around the International Space Station (ISS) has been videoed by one of its own cameras. The metallic-looking unidentified flying object appears to be travelling at the same speed as ISS and doing circles around it.

The remarkable video footage (bottom of this page) was posted online by somebody from Russia, who insists it was filmed by an ISS camera while the orbiting station was waiting for a delivery of supplies.

If the film did come from ISS equipment, one wonders why there are no recordings of crew members talking about the UFO, which if the footage is real, would have been clearly visible to them.

Bizarre UFO encircling ISSThe UFO kept flying around the International Space Station. A piece of space debris would not do that. (Image: YouTube)

One can hear astronauts talking on the films’ soundtrack, but no mention is made of the UFO.

UFO enthusiasts say this is another case of NASA, the European Space Agency and other agencies around the world trying to put the lid on anything related to UFOs or aliens.

An equal number of people have said on several social media websites that the film is a hoax, because there weren’t any ISS logs.

One reader suggested it was ISS debris because it was floating at the same speed as the orbiting station and did not have the shape of anything designed for space travel. Several people responded saying it looked like a shuttle-shaped craft.

However, if it was space debris there would have been a record of it as reference, wouldn’t there?

As soon as this UFO appeared on the live feed NASA cut the broadcastThis picture came from a video footage from the HD cameras mounted on the ISS (International Space Station) last year. As soon as that small blob appeared, NASA’s live feed was cut.


UFO near ISS spotted before

In January last year, UFO seekers accused NASA of switching off a live camera on the ISS within one minute of a mysterious donut-shaped UFO appeared on the screen.

The video showed a circular object with what looked like a hole in the middle of it. It appeared on the camera in the distance, travelling at the same speed as ISS.

However, about one minute after the UFO appeared, the camera went to a completely blue screen. Conspiracy theorists within the UFO community say NASA does this all the time – hiding evidence of alien existence.

To be fair to NASA, it has often cut live feeds before – it is a common occurrence. What made UFO seekers suspicious was the timing of this cut.

Scot Waring, editor of UFO Sightings Daily, wrote:

“NASA did it again. A UFO shows up on live public Internet cam and NASA takes it off line. Who here is surprised by this? If you are, you are new here. UFOs are caught by researchers on a weekly basis and NASA does cut the line when they catch them.”

“However the eggheads at NASA are not always focused on the screen and miss a lot of very interesting and sometimes very highly detailed UFOs.”

Over the last couple of years, the number of UFO sightings has increased considerably. On this web page, you can see a list of sightings we reported on.

Video – UFO encircling International Space Station

This Russian video appeared on the Web, allegedly captured by ISS. Ufologists, of course, are convinced it is an alien ship.