More Boeing 787 Dreamliner Glitches, Japan Airlines

Boeing’s 787 Dreamliner glitches do no seem to go away.

Japan Airlines has had to turn around two airplanes in mid-flight because of technical issues.

In one flight six of the seven toilets became unusable because of an electrical problem, while in another two anti-ice systems failed. The systems prevent ice buildup around the engine.

Japan Airlines has complained of several 747 Dreamliner glitches this year. In June it had to turn around a Singapore-Tokyo bound plane.

A series of 787 Dreamliner glitches

Last month a Norwegian budget airline (Norwegian Air Shuttle) complained of a string of glitches in two of its 787 Dreamliner passenger airplanes and demanded that Boeing address the problems immediately and permanently. Boeing’s entire Dreamliner fleet was temporarily grounded in January this year after a fire broke out in a Japan Airlines plane.

All Nippon Airways, another Japanese airliner also complained of problems. Earlier this year an Ethiopian Airlines plane caught fire while empty and stationary in Heathrow Airport, London.

The plane suffered extensive damage. The UK Air Accidents Investigation Branch said the fire had been caused by lithium-manganese dioxide batteries which powered an emergency locator transmitter. Last month Poland’s flagship carrier, LOT, had to delay some flights after inspections found that some of its Dreamliners lacked gas filters.

787 Dreamliner glitches helping A350 Airbus sales

On October 7th, 2013, Japan Airlines and Airbus announced a deal worth $9.5 billion for 31 A350 Airbus passenger airplanes. The largest order ever from a Japanese airline. Historically, Boeing has dominated the market in Japan.

Airbus CEO, Farbice Bregier said “This is Airbus’ largest order for the A350 so far this year and is the largest ever order we have received from a Japanese airline.

I must say that achieving this breakthrough order and entering a traditional competitor market was one of my personal goals.” The Airbus A350 is a direct competitor of Boeing’s 787 Dreamliner. Airbus says it is heading for record sales this year.