Tips to Boost your Views and Subscribers on YouTube

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YouTube is a great platform to show and tell other people what you are passionate about. But what good are your videos if nobody sees it? You might spend hours filming and editing the perfect video, but if it does not get any exposure, you get barely any views on it. And if very few people see your videos, you will have even fewer people willing to subscribe to your channel. Your channel can get easily lost among the millions of channels that are already present on YouTube.

Hence, here are some tips and tricks that you can implement and boost your views as well as subscribers:

1) Quality with Consistency

If you film your video using the latest equipment, but your content is not good, then do not expect many views. Similarly, no matter how good your content is, if you are barely audible or if your videos are mostly shaky and are very poorly made, it is less likely that people would want to subscribe to you. Hence, it is important to maintain a healthy ratio between the quality of your video as well as your content.

YouTube tends to recommend channels that upload videos consistently. Do not upload a video and then disappear for months and then come back again. Make a routine to upload videos every week. This makes your channel consistent and gives your audience a chance to look forward to your next video.

2) Optimize your Description and Title 

If you want more views and subscribers, users have to find you, and for that, you have to integrate keywords and tags in your video descriptions, video titles, as well as channel page. Take a look at the descriptions and channels of some of the more established YouTubers in your genre. Use specific keywords for your videos that viewers might search for.

3) Use Annotations

A powerful way of influencing your viewers to subscribe to your channel is to use annotations in your video. Annotations are certain links that come on the screen while the video is playing. These YouTube mp3 annotations can be anything; from giving simple information about offers and discounts to calls to actions such as pointing the viewer to like and subscribe button. Annotations act as a prompt that can remind the viewers to subscribe to your channel. 

4) Interact with Your Viewers

Try to reply to comments suggestively and let the viewers know that you read their comments. You can start a simple ‘best comment of the week’ trend, which will motivate your viewers to leave more mindful comments. Ask your viewers about what they would like to see for your upcoming videos. Alternatively, you can reveal what you will talk about in your next video using annotations, your other social media as well as at the end of your video. This will generate a buzz and prompt your viewers to subscribe to your channel.

These were some of the most important aspects that you need to keep in mind to increase your channel’s number of views and subscribers. You can also try hosting giveaways and collaborations with other YouTubers to gain more exposure.

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