How to build a perfect 10×20 gable shed

First of all, you should have to build the floor frame for the gable shed. Cutting accurately is very important. For making the floor frame you will accurately cut the joists at the right dimension from a 2×6 lumber. Then you will align the edges and make holes in the rim joists. After making holes insert screws of size 3 ½”. The screws should be entered into the perpendicular components. Then you will arrange the joists at a distance of 16” from the center. It’s a floor frame.

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Now, you have to select the right place for the shed or garden office shed. After the selection of the place leveling of the place is very important. Make a layer of gravel over the ground. Then 4×4 skids should be laid down over it. Now, you will place the floor frame over it and arrange it perfectly by aligning the edges. Use the rafter for making a tight connection of skids and frame. And arrange the components perfectly and leave no gaps.

Now, you will use 3/4″ plywood sheets for covering the floor frame. Then you have to align perfectly the edges as there remained no gaps between them. Then drill holes into the sheets and inserts screws at every 8″ distance to make the connection tight. The screws used for this job should be 1 5/8″ screws. To make a perfect tight connection a distance of 8″ is very important.

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The next step is the formation of the sidewalls of the gable shed. You will use a 2×4 lumber. Cut the components from it. For a professional result, you have to place studs at every 24″ distance. Then lock the top plate with screws of size 3 1/2″. By suing studs of various lengths, the height of the roof can be adjusted accordingly.

If you want to make a window in the gable shed wall. You will use a 2×4 lumber. For the doubleheader, you will use 2×6 lumber. You can keep the size as you want to keep it according to your need. Between the doubleheader use ½” plywood and use screws of size 2 1/2″ and glue. It will result a professional work. By using 2×4 lumber builds the back wall for the gable shed. At the top of the wall by using 2 ½” screws lock the double top plate for a professional result.

Now, you will make the front wall. The door is very important, make sure you have left enough space for it. Cut the headers and components from the 2×6 lumber and 2×4 lumber, respectively. The size of the door can be adjusted according to your need.

Now, on the floor fit the walls and edges should be aligned perfectly and adjust walls vertically by plumbing it. Now make holes into the bottoms plate by drilling. Then inserts screws of size 3 ½” into the gable shed floor. And tie together the adjacent walls by using screws of size 2 ½”. It will make the connection tight and yield a professional look.

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To the sides of the gable shed fit T1-11 sheets. Place the sheet to the walls and by using 6-8d nails lock it in place. For a professional result make sure there no gaps left between the sheets and lock it with the frame at a distance of 6-8d nails. This will yield a perfect covering of walls.

For a professional result use the T1-11 sheets for the opposite walls. You have to make cuts in the sheets and uncover the doors and windows. Make a professional cut around the opening of the door and window. Then inserts the 6-8d nails at every 8” distance along the frame. It will make a tight connection between sheet and wall.

You can visit this site for a perfect guideline for a gable shed.

Now, use the T1-11 siding sheet to the front wall of the shed. And make the perfect cuts in the sheet where needed. Edges should be aligned. Then use the 6-8d nails into the sheet and lock the sheet with the frame for a professional look.

At last, use the T1-11 siding sheet for the back wall of the gable shed. For a professional result, the sheet should be aligned and left no gaps. Your 10×20 gable shed is ready.

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