How is Disrupting the Charter Bus Rental Space

Bus travel remains the most popular form of public transportation in the country. Most days, millions of people ride buses to work, to visit family and friends, or to go on a vacation.

In fact, the US has well mapped-out public and private bus routes in every city, and between most major cities as well. One could argue that in terms of moving people around, it is the bus system that is most indispensable.

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When private groups seek to travel together, one option they have is by charter or bus rental. But often chartering a bus can be difficult, because the process is complicated and it can be difficult to get a bus charter, to take you to the destination you desire, if it is off the beaten path.  Finally, after you go through all of the work to get the bus rented, you could end up with a bad quality bus or driver ruining your entire trip.

Today, there are companies that have taken charter bus rental to the next level.

We’ve all heard of Uber and Lyft, well there are a number of other ‘travel share’ companies disrupting the transportation industry. Among them is and san antonio charter bus rental, which is helping consumers book charter bus rentals almost as easily as they’d hail an Uber.

This post will provide insight into and why they are becoming the preferred bus charter option for so many people.

The Story

In 2013, entrepreneurs Kyle Bouley and Wolf Kohlberg, met and became friends based on their shared interests in music festivals. They often lamented however on how difficult many of these festivals were to reach, because of their typically remote-locations.

Wolf had previously organized bus travel in Germany, putting together trips for friends to get to their favorite soccer team’s games. Kyle was a developer and web designer with the skills to build tools that could help travelers organize their own bus trips online. Together, they founded

Their mission for the company was simple; to revolutionize group transportation by enabling travelers to reach events and destinations that are otherwise inconvenient to get to. And to provide a service that offers flexible schedules and personal pick-up points. To make all of this work smoothly for customers, they collaborate with bus riders, event organizers, and bus companies. This makes efficient, and perfectly aligned with customer’s needs.

But their mission is not only about getting customers from Point A to B, it is also about the journey in between. Each trip you, the rider, meet new people, and have an adventure that leads to memorable times. The company always seeks to add to those memories with its helpful service.

They Simplify Bus Chartering

For the vast majority of people, renting a coach bus is a new and potentially frightening experience. But the time may come, when they need a bus rental for a field trip, tour, wedding, or corporate event.

Whether it is a day trip, or a multi-night journey, provides groups with fast and easy service.

When you book with them, they guide you through the process online, making sure that you understand every important detail, so that there are no surprises. They will even help accommodate anyone in your party who has special needs.

Choose From a Wide Selection of Buses offers a full range of bus types. The company can provide a minibus, school bus, mini-coach bus or coach bus, as your needs require.

You can select from a range of amenities including reclining seats, air conditioning, power outlets for each seat, and Wi-Fi. Or you can opt for a simple standard bus, that has no frills, but is clean and comfortable, and will safely get you to your destination and back home again. And of course each bus provides plenty of storage for your group.

You can find the selection of buses available in your area, on the website. works with a network of bus operators that are spread across North America. The company connects you to the closest operator in your area, reducing time and costs. You can browse the directory to find a bus operator in your area, check pricing, and when you are ready, you can book from the website.

Bus,com is the newest and best way to charter a bus for any size group.