Businesses Need for Air Leak Detection is Indisputable: £100m a Year Could Be Lost! 

Air leaks are the most overlooked problem in business because they can be hard to notice and cause major damage. Silent but deadly, they can cause businesses in the UK up to £100m a year of lost revenue. The need to reduce carbon emissions on a global scale is something that many businesses are taking seriously. 

One way to lower emissions and in a sustainable manner across various industries is by regularly maintaining super silent air compressors because they can reduce noise pollution, improve workplace productivity, and reduce the risk of an employee falling ill to various health problems such as tinnitus.

Nevertheless, while regular maintenance for machinery is critical for efficiency, just how bad can air leaks be for organisations if they are not identified rapidly?

Beware of air leaks to avoid financial loss

UK air leak costs can be an expensive problem for businesses. Up to 20%-40% of generated air in a manufacturing facility goes unnoticed. This huge amount can be lost due to the small size and layout of many plants, making it difficult for engineers on-site to identify where they’ve occurred.

One of the most important aspects in maintaining all manufacturing plant machinery compressors is checking for any damages or defects that may affect their performance.

For example, if you find some worn-out parts beginning to cause problems with consistent use then it’s best not hesitate at all before replacing them on time to avoid potential complications later down the line when using this machine again. 

Air leakage has many unfortunate by-products, including the business being robbed blind financially and potential problems in areas where leaked conditioned air may have seeped into. This can cause mould buildup which is more damaging than just having less money.

Buildings with air leaks will create a huge risk for companies because it leads to high expenses from repairs or even bankruptcy due to expensive damages caused by water intrusions, such as structural damage or damaged equipment.

Air leak detection methods that work best

It’s really easy to find air leaks with a flashlight! The best way is by starting in dark areas and inspecting for any signs of duct damage. Once you’ve found one, don’t be afraid because these are often hidden away from view or become apparent only after many years pass without repair- so start checking now before they get worse than better later on down the line.

You may hear a hissing sound, and you might be wondering what it means. It could just be that there is air leaking in one of the pipes under pressure! 

To find this leak as soon as possible before more damage occurs follow these three simple steps:

If you hear any strange sounds from the plumbing or notice any tears on surfaces that may indicate a leak, then listen closely for vibrations. You should also look out for odours associated with rubber modifications done at repair shops and try to find the origin of those smells. 

The most efficient way to detect an air leak is with ultrasonic devices. It can be used during busy periods without interruption, and its user-friendly design makes it easy for onsite staff members who don’t have any experience or training; if leaks are found they will capture them quickly and easily using this technology.


Air leak detection is a great way for businesses to keep their structures running smoothly and ensure that air can flow freely through all parts of the building.

This helps prevent issues such as wasted energy costs or health problems among workers because proper ventilation prevents any structural damage, which could lead to these things happening. 

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