Can You Really Buy YouTube Views?

As competition on YouTube is increasing by leaps and bounds, it gets pretty challenging for content creators to get more views on their videos. The objective of every YouTuber is to attract as many viewers to their channel as possible.

Of course, your dream is to go viral on YouTube. And, there are organic ways to get popular on the world’s second-largest platform. But the question is: ‘How do you do that?’

You can buy YouTube views image 444444Why You Must Purchase YouTube Views?

If you follow the natural way of earning more viewers and likes to your video, it might take months and even years to grow your YouTube channel. That’s the reason why most of the people prefer to buy YouTube views and grow their channel in no time.

You will find plenty of sources that do not recommend purchasing views for your channel. This is because YouTube doesn’t allow its users to buy fake views and grow their video. However, YouTube never restricts the likes and views from real accounts. In simple terms, you need to search for a website where you can buy YouTube views that are real. Here’s more information about YouTube views and how it is safe to purchase them.

Is Buying YouTube Views Safe?

There are so many myths around buying YouTube views. If you search it on the internet, you’ll come across several articles that consider the purchased views illegal. As per YouTube’s Terms of Service (TOS), tricking people into watching your YouTube videos or forcing them to like your content is illegal. Similarly, YouTube does not allow views or likes generated from bots and software.

Other than that, you are not prohibited from buying real YouTube views. As long as you hire a renowned YouTube views agency that promises views from real and active YouTube accounts, you are safe and good to go.

Can You Get Your Video Deleted by Purchasing YouTube Views?

The answer is no! YouTube does not remove or delete the video that receives purchased views from third-party companies. However, there’s a high chance your video ranking will drop if you hire cheap service providers. YouTube has the right to remove the fake views that are generated through bots and inactive YouTube accounts.

In the worst case, the fake views your video has received will be removed. Other than that, you can rest assured that your video will never be removed or deleted from the platform. It is important to note that YouTube restricts automated views. According to its TOS, users or vloggers are not allowed to generate automated views on their videos. That’s why it is crucial to find high-quality views selling the company.

What if YouTube Finds Out about Your Trick?

As mentioned before, YouTube and other social media platforms are only after the bots and software. They don’t want the popularity of their platform to get ruined just because some of their users are generating automated views.

Even if YouTube finds out that you are using third-party service providers for generating views, it’ll remove the fake views from your video.  If you hire renowned YouTube views generating agency, you don’t have to worry about the YouTube Terms of Service.

Nowadays, YouTube checks the originality of the views when your video view count reaches 301. If the platform detects unusual views from inauthentic people, your view count will get stuck at 301. However, if you purchase views from real YouTube views selling the agency, YouTube will never stop your view count. This is because YouTube cannot remove the likes and views generated from real and active YouTube users.

Your YouTube Account Cannot Be Banned!

If YouTube were to ban accounts that purchase viewers, many companies would have used the “YouTube automated view generating services” on their competitors. Fortunately, this is not how YouTube works. The only thing you have to keep in mind is “buying views from the real and high-quality service providers rather than artificial techniques”.


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