Canon developing a full-frame mirrorless 8K video-capable camera

Canon unveiled that it is developing a full-frame mirrorless 8K video-capable camera.

The company’s top product-planning executive, Yoshiyuki Mizoguchi, said in an interview with Imaging Resource that video will play “a huge role” in development of the new EOS R System – Canon’s full-frame mirrorless camera system.

According to Mizoguchi, “an 8K video capable camera is already in our EOS R-series roadmap.”

Canon’s new addition to the EOS System, the EOS R camera.

Mizoguchi said that Canon is also working on making its RF lenses better for video capture.

“…We are not just looking at video from a camera perspective, we are also working on how to make RF lenses better for video capture as well. For example, the RF 24-105mm f/4L was the first L-series lens with Nano USM technology, which contributes to silent and smooth autofocus while shooting video,” he added.

Canon is developing multiple EOS R cameras. An amateur model will likely be the next model to launch, followed by a professional model.

“We are developing multiple EOS R cameras now but due to varying levels of preferred features we are likely to launch an amateur model next to let a large group of customers step up and enjoy full-frame image quality. Have no doubt that a professional model is coming, but perhaps it may not be the next model we introduce.”

Mizoguchi’s comments suggest that changes are being made at the company to offer consumers better video-capable cameras. While Canon released the 4K-capable 5D Mark IV and 1D X Mark II DSLRs in 2016, the company was a bit late to the game with the release of its first mirrorless 4K camera, the EOS M50, which did not come out until last year.