The best CBD oil for pain in 2021 and other ways to use CBD for pain

You can’t live in this fast-paced world without getting caught by pain. If the hustle and bustle of commuting doesn’t get to you, the stress of your workplace will. If you’re lucky enough to work from home, societal and family pressure will hit you hard. Oh, and let’s not forget illnesses, injuries, and accidents.

best CBD oil for pain - CBD pain
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In any case, everyone has to deal with pain at some point in their lives.

The good news is that we don’t have to live with it. CBD is there for us. For so many years, this all-natural pain-relieving hemp formulation has helped people get past their pain. Even now, it’s still as effective as ever in combating all forms of pain.

In this article, we will take you through the different ways you can use CBD to fight pain – be it oil, tinctures, gummies, or topicals.

Combating pain with CBD oil in 2021

CBD oil is short for cannabidiol oil. It is a formulation made by extracting CBD from the popular hemp plant and then mixing it with a carrier oil, usually hemp seed oil.

To combat pain, users need CBD oil that’s potent (strength-wise), undiluted, and of premium quality. Below are the best CBD companies we know that deliver exactly that.

Best CBD oil for pain in 2021

  • AREA52


Royal CBD is a premium CBD oil manufacturer. They specialize in the formulation of high-quality, full-spectrum CBD oil products. With their CBD oil for pain product lines, users get premium-grade 250 mg and 500 mg CBD dosages, which are great for treating mild pain like that from burns, cuts, surgery, etc.

In addition, they also offer some higher strength packages like 1,000 mg and 2,500 mg, which are the best CBD oils for pain that’s harder to manage. These higher strengths can be used in the treatment of more severe and chronic pain conditions like arthritis, migraines, tumor, fibromyalgia, muscle pain, long-term back pain, etc.

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Gold Bee

Gold Bee is an award-winning CBD hemp oil brand. For many years now, the company has been in the business of delivering awesome CBD oil products for the treatment of varying degrees of pain. In their line, they have CBD oil strengths that range from 300 mg or 600 mg per 1 oz bottle to the highly potent 1,200 mg per 1 oz bottle.

In other words, there’s something for every kind of pain!

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We love Area52 because of the integrity of its products. Right on the company’s website, you can find the lab testing reports for Area52’s product line. This report shows the all-natural, organic ingredients that have been used in the formulation of their CBD oil products.

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How to use CBD oil for pain

When using CBD oil for pain, you use it sublingually – that is, place it under the tongue.

Although the amount to take will vary depending on each individual’s weight, it’s believed that between 1 and 5 mg of CBD is perfect for every 10 lbs of body weight. In practice, that would mean that if you weigh 150 lbs, you could take anything between 15 and 75 mg daily.

Since CBD oils come in bottles and are drawn out by dropper, the best way to find the right dosage for you is to speak with your doctor. He or she will tell you how many drops to take per day.

Per expert recommendations, the right amount of CBD oil drops to take per day for fast pain relief is between 1 and 4 drops.

For fast results, it’s recommended to keep the oil under your tongue for at least 30 seconds. After this, you can swish it around your mouth to circulate to the gums and other capillary-rich areas before you swallow.

Combating pain with CBD gummies in 2021

As an alternative to CBD oil, some users prefer to chew gummies instead.

CBD gummies are like regular gummies, with the only difference being that the CBD is infused into the other ingredients.

People often prefer gummies to oil because it helps them to mask the earthy taste of CBD. But it bears mentioning that brands like Gold Bee have found ways of making CBD oil that doesn’t taste weird.

There is a downside to using CBD gummies for pain – they take longer than oil for the effects to kick in. While you might feel the effects of CBD oil on your headache in as little as 10 minutes, it takes CBD gummies at least 2 hours to produce results.

This is because of the “first-pass” effect of gummies. The first-pass effect refers to gummies having to first pass through the digestive system before getting sent to the bloodstream and the target areas.

By and large, CBD gummies are good for anyone who:

  • Doesn’t fancy the natural taste of CBD oil
  • Needs to use CBD for pain discreetly.


  • Doesn’t mind how long it takes before they feel the effects of CBD.

How to use CBD gummies for pain

Using gummies for pain is fairly easy. Once you understand the dosage you need per day to treat your pain symptoms, just grab a couple of gummies and munch on them. Typical gummies come in 5 mg or 10 mg.

Say your doctor prescribed 50 mg of CBD per day for your pain. That would mean you need ten 5 mg CBD gummies or five 10 mg CBD gummies daily.

Combating pain with CBD topicals in 2021

CBD topicals refers to any cream, lotion, or salve that’s infused with CBD and applied directly to the skin.

When it comes to managing exterior pains (knee or back pain, headache, arthritis, etc.), it makes sense to apply a CBD topical because of how easily they’re absorbed into the body.

In the same way we apply traditional balm and ointment, a CBD topical can be massaged into the skin to combat pain in various areas of the body.

No rule says that you can only use one form of CBD delivery at a time. If you feel your pain is too much to bear, you can take a few drops of CBD oil, then rub some cream on the joint or area of discomfort. You can also combine gummies and salves.

How to use CBD topicals for pain

There is no definite dose as far as a CBD topical is concerned. Users just rub it in until they feel they’ve had enough. (Remember how you rub in salves or ointments into your skin.)

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