How CBD Oil Can Help Your Dog

If you’ve tried CBD for yourself, you know that it can have some powerful benefits for the human body like anxiety, pain, and inflammation relief. But what about your dog?

How can CBD oil help your dog
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There’s been recent research on the effects of CBD on dogs, and it’s been promising thus far. Many pet owners have used CBD to benefit their dogs for various ailments they’re experiencing, and you could too. So, the next time there’s a big CBD oil sale at Glow CBD, stock up for yourself and for your dog! Here are some of the reasons you won’t be sorry you did.

Pain Relief

Whether your dog experiences chronic pain or has recently experienced an injury, CBD oil might prove an effective tool for reducing pain in your canine friend. It’s believed that CBD has a similar effect on humans, interacting with the endocannabinoid system to inhibit pain receptors.

This is perfect for your dog that might not respond well to other pain medications. It’s unfortunate, but dogs can become addicted to certain pain medications just like humans.

Arthritis Treatment

A very recent study has connected CBD as a treatment for arthritis. Baylor College of Medicine did a study with a CBD company testing 10 dogs with arthritis. Nine of the 10 showed improved symptoms after being given a CBD treatment.

Researchers found the inflammatory molecules and immune cells in the dogs linked to arthritis were affected by CBD. This is excellent news for pet owners since the treatment for arthritis in dogs is slim.

This is promising research not only for the canine world, but also for the human world. While helping dogs to improve their arthritis symptoms, we’re paving the way for a potential medication that could help arthritis patients in the human world feel better and increase their motility.

Cancer Symptom Relief

One of the most unfortunate things about dogs is that when they get cancer, there’s not much to be done. Very few vets offer treatments beyond trying to remove the tumor if possible, and oftentimes, the only thing you can do is make them comfortable until it’s time to put them down.

While trying to make your pooch as comfortable as possible, consider trying the best CBD oil. It has been used in both human and animal studies to treat serious symptoms of cancer like pain, inflammation, and anxiety.

Some studies performed on rats even show that CBD may have the ability to kill some cancer cells and restore healthy cell growth. The evidence shows it’s not powerful enough to reverse cancer entirely, but it could potentially slow the spread of cancer and give you more time with your pet.

Furthermore, CBD is an excellent antioxidant. This means that it can help to eliminate free radicals that can cause oxidative damage and potentially lead to cancer.

Combats Anxiety

If you have a dog with anxiety, you know how difficult it can be. Not only is it a challenge for you in social situations or when strangers come to call, but it’s also heart wrenching to see your dog go through that. They whimper, whine, and bark when they should be carefree and happy.

CBD is very useful for many individuals at combatting anxiety, and it can be used for dogs as well. Many of the anti-anxiety medications prescribed for dogs have hefty side effects, and CBD may be a better solution.

Treats Seizures

After extensive research on the effectiveness of CBD on humans in treating seizures, the first CBD-based drug Epidiolex was approved by the FDA. It’s been incredibly helpful in reducing seizures for patients struggling with epilepsy.

Dogs have seizures too, and if your dog is suffering from this affliction, consider trying CBD before putting your dog down. It could reduce or eliminate seizures to allow your dog to live a normal life without suffering.

Boosts Digestive Health

Is your dog gassy? It could be what you’re feeding her, or it could be something more serious, like inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) or another digestive problem. CBD might be able to help by reducing inflammation in the bowels, preventing colitis, and helping to restore normal gut motility.

Additionally, CBD could help with other gut-related problems like loss of appetite, diarrhea, or nausea. If your pup is suffering from symptoms like these, CBD might be able to restore gut health naturally, without the help of prescription medications containing inorganic ingredients that you can’t pronounce. Another benefit is that you can administer the doses in form of dog treats CBD, which makes it both hassle-free for you and enjoyable for your dog.

Improves Heart Health

Some CBD-friendly veterinarians will recommend using CBD oil to help improve your dog’s heart health. Dogs suffer from cardiovascular disease as well, and the onset can be gradual. CBD oil taken daily might help to prevent or at least delay the onset for greater heart health.

According to this comprehensive CBD guide, it’s also believed that CBD can reduce damaged blood vessels and possibly improve irregular heart rates. In this process, the blood vessels can be protected from further damage and the arteries can be dilated to prevent blockages.

It could also help to reduce high blood pressure and heart rate triggered by stress and anxiety. If you have a furry friend who gets worked up often over the slightest things, it might be a sign that he’s heading towards heart problems in later years, and CBD oil now might be able to help.

Relieving Concerns About CBD Oil for Dogs

Naturally, you’d be concerned about giving your pet a foreign substance, especially since there’s not a lot of definitive research to show that CBD actually helps your canine with any of the above listed symptoms.

But you don’t need to be overly concerned. The research on this topic is growing rapidly, and more is being discovered every day.

There may be some side effects to giving your dog CBD, like dry mouth, low blood pressure, or drowsiness. Typically, these symptoms are very mild, and often don’t occur when you’re working with the correct dose. Ask your veterinarian for help in this area if you’re not sure what to give him.

CBD does not contain THC, so you don’t have to worry about your dog getting high or any of the aftereffects of that. As long as you’re being mindful about what you’re giving him and keeping your vet informed, you and your dog can live healthier, happier lives together with your CBD oil.

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