Can CBD Oil Help You Quit Smoking Cigarettes?

CBD oil image 494949494A lot of people have believed for years that cannabis is an addictive substance. In reality, the product is far less addictive than many other legal and illegal substances. CBD is one of the newly discovered cannabinoids within cannabis. It has the potential to assist with addictions and the mental reaction that comes along with these addictions.

Let’s look a bit closer at the process of addiction in the body, as well as the ways that CBD can help with addiction. For someone that has been trying to stop smoking for years, this is a new revelation that could really help people overcome a lifelong habit that is making them sick.

About addition

Within our bodies, there is a reward system hardwired into our brains. The reward is a chemical called dopamine. When this complex neurotransmitter process wants more reward, cravings take place. The concept is that the body will crave more and more until it gets what it wants. The craving can be for anything from an illegal drug to a piece of chocolate. These cravings can be beneficial for life. People have craved social interaction for centuries.

When your body is craving something it should not consume, this can lead to health issues and worsened addiction.

CBD is Not Addictive

There is a level of addictiveness to marijuana, but CBD does not have any addictive properties. This is largely because it does not contain THC, the component of marijuana that makes people feel good. There are certain drugs and substances that will cause a block in dopamine transporters. This will cease the removal of excess dopamine that is being released by the brain.

Nicotine in cigarettes will cause a temporary stimulation of dopamine, which is quickly associated with a feeling of pleasure when a person has smoked. CBD can be utilized to balance the body, decrease anxiety, decrease cravings and eliminate stress that can lead to consumption of nicotine. You can use CBD on a daily basis, or on occasion. There will not be a risk of addiction either way.

CBD oil help give up cigarettes image 4444CBD Oil to Quit Smoking

A study was posted in the Pharmacology, Biochemistry and Behaviour medical journal back in 2013 that explained how CBD has the potential to assist with addiction of alcohol. The process is very similar to kicking the habit of smoking. CBD had the potential to prevent neurodegeneration that come with addiction. Damage to brain cells would not occur, preventing a decrease in acceptable behavior, cognition and brain function. This protection against neurodegeneration can occur up to 40 percent of the time.

If a person has a craving for a cigarette, they could use a CBD product in place of the cigarette. Over the course of one week, many people find that their cravings have decreased. CBD also has the potential to help with other addictions such as opioids.

Some people are more prone to developing an addiction than others. This has to do with how their body reacts to a dopamine stimulus. If the body is very sensitive and prone to cravings, this can cause a person to quickly become hooked on something. Other people find it is easier to hold out and ignore a craving. If you have been trying to quit smoking cigarettes for many years now without success, you should look into CBD smoking cessation programs.

There are oral doses of CBD that can help. There are also vape products that can help you ween off of cigarettes. You can speak with your doctor prior to quitting smoking so you can understand the process thoroughly. You can also do some research on various studies demonstrating the effects that CBD oil has on quitting smoking.

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