Choose Your Personal Injury Lawyer Carefully

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Personal injury law is an extensive area of the law. It covers a wide range of personal injury scenarios from birth accidents to car accidents, construction accidents and everything in between.

Cases are typically quite complicated and involve a good understanding of the law and an excellent medical understanding of procedures and treatments to frame the claim.

High-value claims are often not settled and may take months or even years to arrive at a resolution.

Should this be the case, you and your lawyer will develop a medium to long term business working relationship.

If you choose a lawyer you cannot get on with, you could be in for an unpleasant experience.

Let’s take a look at what you should look for in an attorney and law firm before deciding to trust them with your personal injury claim. If you’re located in Florida, we recommend you visit the Perenich Law Injury Attorneys team in Tampa. They can ably assist you and meet all of the following qualities.

What Are The Most Important Qualities To Look For?

Remember that your law firm and attorney choice may result in a long working relationship.

There are technical legal aspects to consider and personal attributes you need to look for.

Technical Aspects

In general, you are looking for the team that will best represent your case and hopefully win you the most significant compensation award at a reasonable fee.

It is a good idea to “shop around” before electing. Go and see at least two law firms, meet with the people who would be handling your matter, assure yourself of their experience and their success rate. Confirm that they specialize in the area of personal injury you need.

You should discuss their fee structure and note the transparency of their answer. Remember that although working on a contingency fee basis, you will be charged fees which will be billed once the award is made and from the award made.

The law firm should explain to you exactly how they charge to compare the fees with other law firms.

Lawyers generally have the gift of the gab so try to evaluate independently from other clients what their experience was like if at all possible. Internet searches can assist in this regard, as well as linked-in profiles.

Personal Attributes

When you meet the attorney for the first time, be mindful of their social approach to you.

You need to find someone that will listen to you before responding.

Look for empathy for your predicament and sincerity when they communicate with you.

The attorney handling your matter will often not be the only person dealing with your case, and paralegals will do a lot of the dog work in preparing your case. If you can be introduced to them before committing, that is preferable. Look for attitudes in them that convince you that you can work with them as a team. It’s not always possible to judge this immediately, but being aware of what to look for will help you make a judgment.

In Summary

Personal injury claims are there to relieve you of the financial strain following injury to your person. You need to choose the best firm to represent you. Find a firm that fits in with your demands for excellent customer service and high levels of expertise.

Choose carefully. Your choice can affect the amount of the award and the quality of your experience in getting there.

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