Choosing the Right Assets for Proprietary Trading Success

For those embarking on a journey into proprietary trading with a funded account, the selection of assets becomes a pivotal step toward achieving success. A funded trading opportunity offered by a prop trading firm opens the door to lucrative possibilities, but strategic asset selection is paramount. In this article, we delve into the art of choosing assets that align with your goals within the context of funded trading and prop trading firms.

Understanding the Significance of Asset Selection in Funded Trading

In the world of funded trading, where traders are provided capital by a prop trading firm, the choice of assets sets the tone for your trading journey. Each asset type holds unique traits that can influence your profitability, risk management, and overall trading strategy.

Key Considerations for Optimal Asset Selection

Market Proficiency: Choose assets you understand deeply. A strong grasp of an asset’s behaviour and market trends can enhance your decision-making process.

Liquidity for Funded Trading: Funded trading requires swift execution and manageable slippage. Opt for assets with high liquidity to ensure smooth trading operations.

Risk Management: Consider the risk associated with each asset. While some prop trading firms offer risk management guidelines, it’s essential to choose assets that align with your risk tolerance.

Volatility’s Impact on Funded Trading: Volatility can lead to profit opportunities but also heightens risk. Assess how your funded trading account can handle potential price swings.

Correlation for Diversification: Diversifying your asset selection minimises risk. Opt for assets with low correlation to reduce the impact of adverse market movements.

Variety of Tradable Assets within Funded Trading

Shares: Funded trading can encompass shares trading, offering access to various industries and sectors. This asset type suits both conservative and aggressive prop traders.

Forex (Foreign Exchange): In funded forex trading, currency pairs present opportunities to capitalise on global economic shifts and geopolitical events.

Commodities: Funded trading accounts may include commodities like crude oil, and agricultural products, allowing traders to profit from supply and demand dynamics.

Indices: Trading indices through a funded account offers exposure to entire sectors or markets, catering to diverse trading strategies.

Building a Funded Trading Portfolio

Crafting a funded trading portfolio involves selecting assets across various classes to achieve diversification, which mitigates risk and optimises returns.

Staying Adaptable within Funded Trading and Prop Trading Firms

Market conditions change, and funded traders within prop trading firms must stay adaptable. Regularly assess asset performance and read up on the latest market trends to adjust your asset selection for a more successful proprietary trading journey ahead. 


The process of selecting assets for proprietary trading success within funded trading opportunities offered by prop trading firms is a fusion of insight and strategy. By considering factors such as market proficiency, liquidity, risk management, and correlation, you can craft an asset selection strategy tailored to your goals. As you navigate the world of funded trading, remember that ongoing learning and adaptability are vital components in harnessing the potential of your funded account and prop trading firm association.

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