Economical yet Effective Cleaning Tips for Glass Shower Doors

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There was a time when shower curtains were usually used to separate our bathing area from the rest of the washroom. We can still witness this tradition but with a modern twist to it. In modern times, shower curtains are replaced with glass shower doors. Shower screens can make your bathroom much more luxurious. The installation of these doors enhances the elegance, beauty, and sophistication of your bathroom. The regal touch to the area adds to the aesthetic pleasure and intricacy. It also has a visual and artistic effect on a person’s mind and mood.

To maintain the attractiveness and chic look of the glass shower doors we simply cannot overlook its maintenance. The residue of shower products, unsightly grime, mineral deposits, and moisture gets accumulated on the glass shower doors. It leaves the glass dirty, misty, and foggy and results in permanent damage to the glass.

There are certain homemade solutions and tricks that help us in getting rid of the marks and residues without using strong chemicals. Before we get in details of these home remedies, you can also consider installing treated shower doors which are available at Fab shower doors. These treated doors don’t require  frequent cleaning or maintenance and also resistant to soap scum. Now here are some home remedies which you can use to give your shower doors a sparkling look.


Before you start cleaning your shower with vinegar make sure your shower is not made of stone as it can damage it. Vinegar is widely used as a substitute for grease-cutting soaps and detergents in the households. It has acidic properties that allow washing away icky build-ups, brine left by hard water, etc. Therefore, to clean glass shower doors, you need a mixture of vinegar and grease-cutting dish detergent mixed in equal amounts. Use a non-starch sponge to rub, and clean the applied mixture. This mixture will result in a sparkling clean and shining glass door. It is listed as one of the easiest and the best ways to clean shower glass doors at home.


Similarly, another economical and eco-friendly solution for cleaning glass shower doors is an amalgamation of half a cup of each rubbing alcohol and hydrogen peroxide, 1 teaspoon liquid soap, and 1 tbsp. dishwasher. Pour all these substances together in a 32oz spray bottle. Add water in the rest of the bottle, shake it gently until foam starts forming in it. This mixture will help you clean the irritating and stubborn marks from your glass shower doors.


Now, this one is for the showers that are made up of stone. Avoid using the previous two methods as they will damage your showers. The best way to clean glass shower doors having a shower made up of stone is a blend of baking soda and liquid soap. This method of wiping off the marks and chemicals will protect your stone-built shower from facing any damage.


Sometimes we come across marks and stains that do not leave the surface until treated with strong and stubborn chemicals like them. They require chemicals that are not usually available at our homes. There are many glass cleaners available in the market to fight with such harsh marks on your amazing glass doors. Since the chemicals can be reactive always wear gloves before you use these cleaners to make your doors shiny and sparkly.


Another interesting natural remedy that can be used to clean shower glass doors is citrus. Lemon has citrus as its one of the major components. Cut a lemon into half, dip it in baking soda, and gradually rub both sides of your shower glass door. The combination of citrus and baking soda makes a sudsy foam which contributes to making your door shine. This is one of the best cleaner for glass shower doors on an everyday basis.


It is essential to choose suitable and friendly cleaning tools to get rid of the scum and residues from shower glass doors. Microfiber cloth, squeegee, scraper, toothbrush, and magic erasers are must-haves in your cleaning kit. The toothbrush will help you clean the residues left on the metal taps. Similarly, scrapper or blade used at an angle of 45 degrees scrapes off the stubborn marks. Microfiber cloth and magic eraser avoid any chances of scratches being formed on your glass doors.

The best way to clean glass shower doors is to squeegee your shower doors every day. Squeegeeing will take a few minutes every day to wipe off the scum and chemical deposits but will keep you away from the hassle of going through thorough cleaning. Shiny, clean, stainless shower glass doors are the best way to maintain the beauty and sophistication of your personal space.