How to Get a Great Commercial Vacuum Cleaner On a Tight Budget

Commercial vacuum cleaner image 4444Buying a commercial vacuum cleaner can be a significant financial investment depending on what you have in mind as far as long term use goes. Commercial vacuums are designed to be resilient and reliable even with constant use to clean up the worst kinds of messes, so they tend to carry a somewhat heftier price tag.

That being said, it is also important to make sure that you don’t purchase more vacuum cleaner than you need, especially if you are trying to stick to a strict budget for your investment. To get started, you will want to determine what features, capabilities, and power you need for a commercial grade vacuum in your home or place of work.

In order to get you started on getting a great commercial vacuum on a tight budget, let’s take a look at some potential types of commercial vacuums and the jobs they were built to do. If you don’t have much time to read this article you may visit Gearko for the top list within your budget.

Various Types of Commercial Vacuum Cleaners

Depending on what your intended purpose for a commercial vacuum cleaner is on a regular basis, you may need a specific type to get the job done right. However, if you are shopping for a commercial vacuum because of how frequently you will be using it, then you may be fine with a more general purpose model.

Here are the six basic types of commercial grade vacuum cleaners.


The most familiar of vacuum models, these are great for general purpose carpet cleaning in offices, hotel rooms, and restaurants. These also tend to be the least expensive model even though they are ruggedized for regular heavy use.


These quiet vacuums are designed for cleaning up hard floors, furniture, and drapes. They tend to be more maneuverable than uprights for cleaning under and around furniture, and they don’t need to be moved as often thanks to their cleaning wand, hose, and vacuum head design.

Wide Area

Need an upright for cleaning large carpeted areas quickly and thoroughly? Wide area vacuums literally have the coverage to make short work of large carpeted open rooms or hard floor. These are typically the ideal vacuum for banquet halls, large event venues, and other large carpeted rooms that do not have fixed furnishings.


These are more commonly used in janitorial and industrial cleaning jobs where the vacuum can’t have a long cord trailing around and the user needs their hands free. Most also have the added advantage of serving double duty as a blower as well, making them excellent for groundskeeping tasks.


Frequently cleaning in tight spaces? Handheld commercial vacuums are like handheld dustbusters on steroids,and generally run on AC power instead of a battery pack. They are ideal for hotel room cleaning around furniture, on drapes, and quick spot cleanings.

Handheld vacuums are definitely more supplemental vacuums to a larger upright or canister vacuum though as a general rule.


The ultimate workshop/workspace/cleanup vacuum is the wet/dry vacuum. There is no mess that these vacuum cannot take care of, and they are ideal for cleaning up after flooding or to take care of major spills.

One caveat about wet dry vacuums, though: they are very loud. You may want to consider wearing hearing protection when using one of these, as the sound of the motor can cause hearing damage with prolonged exposure in an enclosed space.

Getting The Best Value Commercial Vacuum Without Breaking Your Budget

Know Your Purpose for This Vacuum

You wouldn’t buy a compact car to haul lumber to and from a hardware store to a contractor building site. In the same way, you wouldn’t but a commercial wide area vacuum to clean a small office space filled with cubicles. Getting the best value means only getting as much vacuum as you need get your average job done.

Look for Discontinued and Older Models on Clearance

As new products come in, they replace older models that are considered obsolete per the manufacturer. That does not make them obsolete for your purposes, however. This means retailers and dealers will be looking to unload old inventory for a lower price. You have to be vigilant though and research when new models are coming out to get a deal on the prior model. With time and attention you can score yourself a really good deal.

Ultimately, when you are looking to get the best possible value for your investment in a commercial vacuum, you need to determine a few things in advance. Begin by deciding what type of vacuum is best for cleaning the areas where it will be used most.

Second, shop the various vacuums in that type and select a few models in your price range. Last but not least, keep an eye on the price for a while and see if you can find out whether a new model is due to launch soon to get a better price on the older model. Following these tips will ensure that you not only get a great commercial vacuum, but you are much more likely to stay within your budget as well.