Could Royal Titles for Sale Help Your Business? 

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When it comes to running a business, you can invest a lot of time and energy into choosing a name that will create a great first impression of your company. The importance of a business name should never be underestimated. 

Just as you sunk a lot of time and money into coming up with your business name and creating an eye-catching company logo that encapsulates your business in a single glance perfectly – can it also be true that having a royal title yourself will help to boost your business success?

It is an intriguing idea that having a key person behind a business carrying a royal title can use their name to open more doors to bring in more business opportunities.

There is no denying that introducing your business to prospective new clients, investors or business partners can carry more weight if the sales pitch comes from a titled business person. Even if you are not a true Lord or Lady by birthright, you are making your business stand out from the crowd by simply holding a royal title.

The business world is a competitive place, and everyone is looking to have an edge to get their business noticed. If the founder, manager or owner of that business also happened to carry a royal title, wouldn’t that raise a few eyebrows and make your company much more memorable?

Did You Know You Can Buy a Royal Title?

While the idea of carrying a royal title such as Lord or Lady or Duke or Duchess may sound like something that is out of your reach, it may surprise you to know that there are legitimate royal titles for sale online that you can use in real life!

While many websites offer royal titles for sale, you need to be careful to buy a legitimate title from an authentic company. It would help if you looked for where the money goes when purchasing a royal title.

With legitimate royal title websites, there will be a genuine cause at the heart of it that you will be contributing to with your purchase. In most cases, this could be a local scheme drawn up to preserve historical lands, buildings, or to bring back and support local traditions or customs that are fast disappearing.

For example, it is protecting sites of scientific interest, ancient woodlands or former significant battle sites that are under threat of development.

What Royal Titles are Available to Buy?

Purchasing a royal title may be a little out there when you are trying to help your business stand out from the crowd, but it could be an effective way to help open doors to you that were previously closed.

We are not saying that buying a royal title will change your life and make your business a roaring success overnight. Still, if history has shown us anything, it is that carrying a royal title can undoubtedly influence the chances of you being treated with more respect in the business community.

Some of the legitimate royal titles you can buy online include: Lord or Lady, Duke or Dutchess,  Earl or Viscountess, Baron or Baroness, and more. These will be genuine royal titles that apply to the country or region selling them.

For example, you won’t become a recognised member of the British royal family. Still, your title will be legitimate in the place it originates. You are legally entitled to use it on your personal and business documentation, such as your bank cards, passport and company letterhead.

Improving Your Business Relationships

Although purchasing a royal title online won’t come with acres of land to manage and a crumbling mansion to repair and maintain, it will still carry an air of prestige that has long been associated with nobility.

As far as how having a royal title can influence your business, it could bring you a few subtle benefits that you should be prepared to take advantage of. These may include getting invited to exclusive business events where you can meet well-established and respected potential new investors or business partners.

You may start receiving invitations to golf days and professional business networking luncheons where you can rub shoulders with top movers and shakers in the business world that you would never get a chance to meet otherwise. 

Handing out your business card that contains a royal title can raise some curiosity and a certain level of pre-conceived high esteem in people’s minds, whether they are customers, clients, or potential B2B partners.

Your royal title may open a few new doors for your business, but it will be up to you to take advantage of these opportunities when they present themselves.

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