Cycling in summer? 10 essential clothing items and accessories to have

The burning heat of the summer season is particularly great for cycling. Yes, avid cyclists know this fact. Summer means long days, shining sun, and less wind or rain to impede cycling progress. Therefore, you can enjoy cycling any time, whether for fun or exercise, riding to the office, or training for a competition. Even though summers are ideal for cycling, you still need to be vigilant. The specific summer conditions require you to pick the best cycling gear, accessories, and, most importantly, clothes. The outfit you wear will set you up for success or failure. Why? If you are not dressed properly, the heat from the scorching sun can lead to sunburn or fatigue. Also, you have to build up your cycling strength in the summer. So, dressing ideally for that is necessary. Do you want to cycle in the summer without worrying about heat or other issues? Then, work on wearing the right outfit and having the best accessories. The article below will help you decide.

Layer it up

Before you skip to clothes or accessories for summer cycling, read this. Irrespective of the time of year, it is good to layer up. You can never predict the weather. It can be chilly in the morning or start pouring at any time. So, layering it up with summer-friendly clothes can help you cycle without issues. Go for lightweight materials that do not stick to your body and keep the sweat away.

Summer base layer

A summer base layer is necessary. The design of this clothing item is such that it keeps sweat away from the body. Thus, it keeps you cooler and drier on hot summer days, keeping you comfy. Most brands offer summer base layers in merino and synthetic options. The former is an excellent option, ideal for wicking sweat away. It works ideally for cooler summer mornings. However, for hot days, it is best to go with a base layer that uses lightweight synthetic fabric.

Cycling shorts

Cycling shorts are a staple for leisure, mountain rides, or professionals. You can pick bib shorts or waist ones with straps around your shoulders to hold them in place. Read this guide to buying the perfect cycling shorts. But buy thinner fabrics with a detached chamois pad to encourage airflow around the saddle.

Waterproof jacket

Summers are notorious for having rainy days. So when cycling in the summer with rain chances, carry or wear a lightweight waterproof jacket. Find one that is breathable. Also, wearing this protects you from moisture buildup, which can lead to overheating and being drenched in sweat. A good, lightweight, waterproof jacket will not be cheap. So, before investing, research to ensure the material is impeccable and soft.

Cycling caps

All cyclists should wear a cycling cap under their helmet. The helmet protects their heads against any injury. But the cap ensures there is no sweat buildup or sunburn. It is essential to protect the hair and scalp. The best part about adding a cycling cap is that it is lightweight. So, you will feel no difference by wearing it and get the full benefits. So, buy the best cycling caps to protect your scalp against sweat and the sun.

Cycling helmet

An essential accessory when cycling is the helmet. Never ride without one. It protects you from head injuries, which can happen at any time.

Summer jersey

Having a short-sleeved and lightweight summer jersey is another must for summer cycling. Look for brands offering super-light (featherlight) jerseys. They ensure proper ventilation and are ideal for summers that are too hot and humid.


An essential accessory for summer cyclists is sunscreen. Never leave the house without applying one, and carry it too. Reapply it afterward to ensure protection from harmful UV rays.

Leg and arm warmers

If you cycle early in the morning, an arm and leg warmer is one of the best summer cycling clothes or accessories for you. They protect your limbs from the early morning chill, which seems harsher when cycling. Get synthetic ones to protect your legs and arms from the morning chill even in the summer. As the sun rises, you can take them off. Road riders or professional cyclists always wear them. But even leisure bikers or mountain bikers should wear them. If leg warmers aren’t your thing, use knee warmers to protect your knees from cramping or wind.

Neck warmer

For early-morning cyclists, wearing a scarf is a necessity. Use a modern buff-style tunnel or tube neck warmer for this role.

To conclude, cycling requires gear and the ideal outfit. If you are cycling to work, you may skip a few things. But when cycling for exercise, fun, or competition, do not miss wearing the right clothes. The summers are harsh. Your cycling adventure will become a nightmare if you do not prepare well. So, wear a cap, shorts, jersey, and more while cycling in the summer.