Dell G7 with Intel’s most powerful processor

Dell G7 – this is a model from the upgraded series for private use with all the necessary components for full work. These laptops are designed for home use. You can use them for work, to watch your favorite videos, shows, and movies, and to play games. Selling at what consumers consider is a reasonable price, along with the Dell G7 17 (7700), you will have a reliable, virtually failure-free computer.

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What are its main advantages?

The device is convenient to use and has a stylish design. Build quality and reliability are second to none. Dell G7 has excellent technical features, which means that users can, for example, play shooters such as Valorant without loss of frames, lags, or freezes. Many people like to analyze Valorant stats to better see what is worth working on.

If you want to buy a Dell laptop, you will find the following features in the models:

  • full-sized moisture-resistant keyboard;
  • touch screens made of high-strength glass, on which there are no scratches;
  • the presence of a high-precision touch panel with a lock against accidental clicks.

Dell G7 15 (7500) Specifications

Dell G7 laptops have large hard drives, DVD recorders, and a wide range of configurations. There are models based on Intel and AMD processors. Inspiron computers are equipped with separate graphics cards for better graphics processing. The computer is designed to work with graphics and medium games. It is equipped with touch screen technology (touch control, touch input).

  1. Only on systems with GTX 1050 Ti graphics cards: USB-C DisplayPort in alternative mode only;
  2. One RJ-45 Connector; One Mini DisplayPort;
  3. One Gigabit Ethernet (RJ-45) port.
Keyboard and touch panel

Notebooks Dell G7 17 (7700) are equipped with a full-sized waterproof keyboard. It is convenient and comfortable to work with thanks to its the standard key size – the keys are well spaced out. The keyboard in-game models are designed specifically for gaming. They are equipped with a numeric keypad and backlight, which means that you can carry on playing even if your ambient lighting is poor. Thanks to its high-precision touch panel, cursor jumps and fluctuations are kept to a minimum, and protection against unintentional activation blocks accidental touches.

Look after your laptop

If you are currently considering buying a Dell laptop, remember that its durability depends largely on how you look after it. The following tips can help make your computer last longer:

  1. In the world of electronics and circuit boards, extreme temperatures are the kiss of death. If you leave it in an extremely cold or hot place, it could soon become unusable. According to manufacturers across the world, the ideal temperature range for most laptops is between 50°F and 95°F (10°C to 35°C).
  2. Clean your computer regularly. Hair, coffee, bits of food, dandruff, and dust soon create a layer of grime. If gunk buildup prevents the fan from cooling things down, there is a serious risk of permanent damage. When you are not using it, keep your laptop closed.
  3. Power surges (voltage spikes) can damage electical systems. That is why you should get a surge protector. A voltage spike, which only lasts a few microseconds, can reach more than 1,000 volts. Lightning can cause massive power surges..
  4. A special cover can protect your computer from knocks and falls. Make sure it has a soft padding which can absorb the force of a blow.

Hopefully, after reading this article, you will have a better idea whether the Dell G7 series is ideal for your current requirements. Good luck!