Digital Transformation Of Cleaning Services

Online and web-based tools transform the way we live our lives and the way we run our businesses. When was the last time you pressed numbers and dialed a number to call someone? A while ago I bet. Today, Siri will dial up your mum’s number, and WhatsApp groups are a quick and easy way to send a group text.

When it comes to business requirements, automation and data-driven results are no longer an expensive luxury. Instead, they are a client requirement. When it comes to cleaning services, these requirements are no different as facilities managers have their own green, budget, and efficiency targets to meet.

So, how does a cleaning service embrace digital transformation? There are plenty of options, even for smaller cleaning companies, and moving to digital doesn’t mean more work for you. Sure, there is some setup and training to get used to, but once your systems are bedded in, there are significant benefits to be had. Going digital can give you the gift of time, accurate pricing, and can grow your business.

How Can Digital Transformation Help My Cleaning Business?

There are several paid and free online tools on the market which are ideal for cleaning businesses of all sizes.

If you have a medium to large cleaning business like Cleanfocus and online paid platform such as provide a range of packages to take your commercial cleaning business to the next level.

What’s great about this tool, is that it’s mobile-optimised, which is perfect for cleaning supervisors who are rarely sat at a desk in front of a computer screen. From the online dashboard, you can allocate shifts and send invoices.

Companies such as Clean Focus have moved to more generic online platforms such as Slack or Workzone in order to centralise shifts, time spent, schedules, and invoicing.

Housing all cleaning operations in one location gives cleaning service business owners a holistic overview of their business and provides an opportunity to spot gaps in quoting, invoicing, and staff allocation.

The primary customer benefit of providing reports and data is trust. Cleaning is a predominantly people-driven business, and in the past, it has been hard to quantify and measure the cleaning service being delivered.

Get Real-time Data

With real-time data on staff hours and checklists for cleaning schedules, the customer now has visibility. Reports and factual data give a level of comfort and enable customers to understand the value of your commercial cleaning service.

Cleaning team leaders and on-site supervisors can tap into this information to ensure that every job is completed to a high standard. A staff member didn’t turn up on shift? An alert on the supervisors’ phone appears. An incident occurred on-site? An alert comes through, and a process is triggered. Are time sheets showing staff members staying back consistently to finish a job? Time to chat with your customer about increasing billing hours.

Happy Customers

Digital platforms for cleaning services don’t just benefit your cleaning business and your customers. When it comes to the duty of care and safety of others, digital can play a pivotal role. Aged care homes, mental health facilities, nurseries, hospitals, and doctor surgeries rely on exemplary hygiene and cleanliness to protect their patients.

Going digital can ensure that rooms are checked and cleaned regularly, no areas are missed, and measurable reporting can be delivered to the facility as evidence and assurance of cleanliness.

Embracing the digital age can be a little overwhelming, and with good reason, it’s a shift in process and mindset for both yourself and your employees. But, if you spend a short time doing some research at the beginning to find the right software for you, your business will run more efficiently, profitably will be up and you’ll be able to increase the value offering to your customers.

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