DLP Capital Review 

As real estate investment becomes increasingly popular for early retirement planning, the need for expert guidance is paramount. Whether you possess ample capital or seek lucrative investment opportunities, DLP Capital may offer the required assistance. This DLP Capital review will equip you with essential knowledge about the platform, enabling you to navigate the real estate market confidently.

Understanding DLP Capital

DLP Capital, founded in 2006 by Don Wenner, is a dynamic real estate investment firm focused on delivering long-term returns to its stakeholders. The company connects buyers, sellers, and investors, aiming to create prosperous communities and generate high yields. It operates by aggregating funds from investors, allocating them to borrowers, and subsequently distributing returns from those loans back to the investors.

Features of DLP Capital

  • Investment Funds: DLP Capital provides diverse investment options in real estate, such as its Lending and Housing Funds. Through the Lending Funds, accredited investors can invest in the construction of homes to be sold, offering annual returns of at least 9% and 8% monthly. In contrast, the Housing Funds target long-term investments in rental housing, generating between 10-12% annual returns with a minimum of 6% monthly. Mortgage agreements back investments in Lending Funds, while those in Housing Funds offer equity stakes in the rental properties.
  • Loan Programs: DLP Capital offers alternative financing solutions to private contractors for residential projects, bypassing the hurdles of traditional lenders. Programs include new construction loans for homeowners to complete builds in 6-12 months and the multi-family bridge program for property purchase and renovation. Interest rates vary based on the loan’s purpose.
  • DLP Elite Community: Membership in this community is limited to growth-focused investors, typically business owners. Benefits include streamlined loan processes, Q&A sessions with DLP Capital’s founder, and the potential for significant equity investments. Additional educational resources include affiliation with the American Institute of Investment Housing and enrollment in EES University for advanced learning.
  • Prosperity Community: DLP Capital has curated an exclusive community for high-net-worth investors focused on wealth preservation and multi-generational growth. Members are allowed to participate in educational webinars, offering insights into unique investment avenues. Additionally, the firm provides guidance on estate planning, philanthropic initiatives, and portfolio defense strategies. Quarterly, DLP Capital convenes a three-day conference, inviting members to engage with seasoned experts in the field. 

Is DLP Capital Worth It?

DLP Capital affirms the various risks involved in investing in the private real estate market, such as the complete loss of capital, partial loss of capital, or low yields compared to what was anticipated. However, these are risks that are normal in the investment space. And as evidenced by each DLP Capital review online, the platform is worth your investment. 

DLP Capital Reviews Online

DLP Capital has a perfect 5 out of 5 on Google, which attests to the quality of its services. 

One DLP Capital review by a happy client commented, “Nick Lanni was the associate heading up the transaction from the very beginning, all the way through making sure that the last cent cleared escrow. Early on, it was clear that the communication was professional but easily familiar. Nick knew what was needed, grasped a 360 view of the deal, and inspired confidence in the seller and myself of DLP’s surety to close. This was really important to the seller, who’d owned this portfolio for over 20 years and wanted to retire knowing it was going to be a comfortable transition.

Ultimately, DLP brought in one of their preferred borrowers as the buyer, and DLP took the role as direct lender on the deal. Nick stayed with the deal through loan closure, making sure that the deal progressed just as it would have with DLP in the driver’s seat. Knowing that DLP is able to evaluate deals, not only as a proficient capital partner, but also as a well-established owner/operator, is all the more reason that I look forward to future transactions with their shop.”

Another satisfied customer reported, “Anthony Torres did an amazing job at helping me find a rental. He communicated and always made sure he kept me interested in the place I am renting now. Once I decided what I wanted, he went above and beyond to make sure everything was perfect.”

The similarity in the testimonies of these customers who actually dealt with different staff shows that the high quality of DLP Capital’s services is across board.

DLP Capital vs. Its Competitors

DLP Capital operates in a competitive landscape, sharing the market with other notable platforms such as Crowdstreet, Fundrise, and Groundfloor Finance. Here, we examine how DLP Capital measures up against these industry counterparts.

DLP Capital vs. Crowdstreet

Crowdstreet meticulously assesses investment requests by examining multiple factors, including the financial viability of the sponsoring entity, their asset portfolio, and other relevant financial statements. Once the sponsor clears this rigorous screening process, their investment proposition is relayed to potential investors for evaluation.

Both DLP Capital and Crowdstreet mandate that investors meet the Securities and Exchange Commission’s accreditation standards. However, DLP Capital differentiates itself by offering select investors the potential for higher scalability. In contrast, Crowdstreet adheres to a more uniform, democratic model without such tiered investment opportunities.

DLP Capital vs. Fundrise

Fundrise serves as a dual platform, facilitating private investment in both real estate and technology ventures. If your primary interest is in real estate investment or borrowing, DLP Capital’s specialized focus in this area ensures an optimized experience tailored to meet your needs.

Additionally, Fundrise offers a premium subscription at $10 per month that grants access to exclusive investment insights. In contrast, DLP Capital rewards such insights based on your financial qualifications and historical investment performance, encouraging a more committed and diligent approach to investment.

DLP Capital vs.  Groundfloor Finance

Groundfloor Finance opens its doors to a broad range of investors, accredited and non-accredited, allowing entry into the real estate market with an investment as modest as $100. This democratized approach is particularly appealing to smaller investors who can expect to see passive returns within the first year. However, for more substantial investors seeking robust profits and a sense of security, DLP Capital stands as a more suitable option.

DLP Capital Review: Final Verdict 

DLP Capital is a premier private firm specializing in real estate investment and financing. It provides unparalleled opportunities for portfolio growth and scalability, all without additional financial burden on your part. For those poised to enhance their investment portfolio actively, the time to engage with DLP Capital is now. Click here to get started with DLP Capital