Do All Bidet Toilet Seats Need Electricity?

Bidets have been used as an alternative to toilet paper for centuries, dating back to the 1700s. Of course, bidets didn’t have electricity back then, and today’s systems can still operate with no electricity. The real question is which type of bidet is best for your home? Technology has split the bidet path into two distinct directions, and it is important to explore both options.

Electric Bidets

While electric bidet seats are newer to the game, they have made a big splash. These systems have taken over the bidet toilet seat market since they arrived in the 1960s and have only improved. Powered by batteries or an outlet, electric bidets can pack in more features. They are a fancier option than manual bidets, giving you a control panel or remote to unlock all sorts of functions. Whether you’re looking for a seat warmer or a bidet that self-sanitizes, there is a model for you. One of the coolest features held by some bidets is a user preset. This function lets you set your preferences (spray angle, water temperature, pressure, etc.) for easy access to the perfect wash every time. Do you hate having the seat left in the up position? There are bidets that will auto-shut so you never worry about it again.

Manual Bidets

Manual bidet toilet seats are the old-school version. No electricity, no problem. All you need for a manual bidet is a water source, making them an option for every bathroom that has running water. Manual seats operate using the same principle as the electric version and have still come a long way, but they cannot offer the same features. You still get adjustable water pressure, angle, and warm water with most models, which is all you really need for a good cleansing. Manual bidets provide an entry point into the world of bidets without having to overspend.

Pros & Cons

Manual bidets often extend a more approachable price tag, but electric bidet systems may win you over with their spectacular features and comfortable amenities before all is said and done. The simplicity of manual bidets typically includes less upkeep and simple installation, making it a viable option for elderly or less active individuals. For experienced users, or anyone who loves a little luxury, try an electric bidet to change the game for yourself. Be sure to read the maintenance and assembly instructions to ensure you have a complete understanding of the product and are able to perform the proper maintenance at specified intervals. Ready to find a bidet seat?

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