5 Tricks to Do Your Homework Faster

Doing homework is quite often a long and tedious process. However, what if there are some ways you can do your homework faster and have more free time to do whatever you enjoy most of all? Luckily, there are lots of tricks when it comes to studying. Some of them can considerably increase your efficiency and make homework quite a lot of fun or at least less annoying.

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Some of the methods even have a scientific background as they make you more productive. Here are some of the tried and tested things you should try doing next time you sit down to do your homework.

Make a List of Things to Do

Working on several assignments on different subjects can be quite overwhelming, especially if you do not know where and how to start. Making a list of things you need to do will make it easier to calculate how much time you need to finish all of your assignments. Additionally, it will be clear what’s the best way to move from one task to another. When you finish one, you can cross it out from your list.

It will feel quite satisfactory and encourage you to get to the end of the list. However, if there are too many assignments to complete and managing it on your own seems unachievable, consider reaching out to an academic writing service at essaywritingservice.com to have some of your papers written by professionals.

Unplug and Remove Distractions

Getting constant notifications on your phone or laptop is rather distracting. You are prompt to immediately check it out and reply, and there you are, stuck on Instagram or Facebook yet for another hour. To be able to concentrate on your assignments fully, you need to unplug from the outer world and remove all distractions, social media being the biggest one.

It is best to put your device in silent mode or to turn it off altogether. If some other things are bothering you, consider changing your location and going to another room or your school library, somewhere you can enjoy the power of silence. This tech break will give you a chance to devote your fullest attention to the assignments at hand and finish them much faster.

Don’t Forget to Take Breaks

When working on your to-do list, don’t forget to include several breaks into your schedule. Hardly anybody can work or study for several hours straight with no breaks. We need to pause to not lose the energy, strength, and motivation in the first few hours of work. Same as working, studying can be very stressful and exhausting. After all, your brain is not a machine, and it does need breaks and nutrition.

Small pauses can be rewarding, as they help you keep going until you finish all of your assignments. You can also snack to restore your energy level or take a 15-25-minute power nap. A power nap allows you to doze off just for long enough to feel refreshed and powered up to continue studying.

Listen to Classical Music

While some people find any kind of noise extremely distracting, others find it stimulating. It allows them to be more efficient and productive. Recent studies prove that classical music has a positive effect on the studying process, helping students perform better.

Listening to classical music in the background enables you to study and memorize new information faster. Students who listen to classical music while doing homework have been found to show better results at school, have higher scores, and be more successful. However, make sure to choose the right playlist.

The reason classical music is so beneficial is that it is calming, and there are no lyrics to distract you. If you are not a fan of classical music and can only listen to what you like, that will work too, but only if your playlist consists of songs without lyrics. Luckily there are tons of covers on YouTube. You can also listen to the world’s best songs covered by orchestras and instrumental music bands. Having no lyrics, they will not take your focus away from studying.

Reward Yourself

Set some milestones and think of a reward you could give yourself for a job well done. What is it you enjoy doing most of all in your free time? Watch Netflix? Go out with friends? Buy something? Or maybe play video games? Promise to yourself that you will get to do what you really enjoy once you are done with your homework.

The difference, though, is that you get to do it for as long as you want since you’ve already taken care of your responsibilities and do not need to procrastinate anymore. When you know what expects you at the end of the tunnel, it is much easier to move forward as you have extra motivation to finish everything faster.

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