Domino’s launching physical “Easy Order” button for UK customers

Domino’s is launching the “The Easy Order” button, which will allow British consumers to order their favourite pizza with only the click of a button.

The physical button, which comes in the shape of a mini pizza box, links to the Domino’s app.

Using Domino’s virtual Easy Order system consumers can save their favourite foods, payment details, and address details.

When the button is pressed Domino’s will use the aforementioned data to send a consumer their favourite pizza to the relevant address.



Why did Domino’s decide that consumers need a physical button to quickly make an order though? Dr Sheila Malone, Lecturer in Marketing and Consumer Psychology from the University of Lancaster, was quoted by The Irish Times as saying:

“Innovations, which let the customer consume all at the touch of a button are designed to provide a greater sense of ease accessibility and to help to address the demands of our hectic lives. Plus there is an intrinsic satisfaction directly linked to pushing buttons, which is derived from the achievement and reward fulfilment process, which is inherent in each of us.”

The physical button isn’t available outside of Britain at the moment. It will be rolled out in the UK next month.

However, the pizza chain offers consumers in the US other ways to use Easy Order, including the ability to order and pay via text and tweet, in addition to using a smart TV to make an order.