How to be an Effective Social Media Influencer

Social media influencer - image for article 222vv222Even if you have a personality and style of engagement that naturally attracts an audience, it’s possible to hit a plateau. There’s many ways to create an effective approach to audience engagement that can increase your reach and influence.

If you’re attempting to become a more effective social media influencer, there are a few key facets you should keep in mind. 

Grow but don’t alienate 

When you’re trying to be a social media influencer you’re constantly in a conflux of two different marketing approaches. You want to expand your reach, but you don’t want to alienate your target demographic. In a blog about fishing gear you might be able to introduce hunting as a related concept because they’re both outdoor recreational sports. However, you might not be able to make a post about your workout regimen.

This tip is all about creativity, what ideas can you incorporate into your strategy, while retaining your current following, and expanding your reach.

An alternative way to expand your reach is by using a “like” allocation service that provides likes to profile and helps it grow. The social media specialists at  say that you can even target the specific gender you want to reach. If you have a larger following in a specific gender, or you’re looking to expand to another gender, this can help break through a plateau.

Spreading yourself thin 

It’s important to avoid spreading yourself too thin. There’s a plethora of social media platforms on the internet and attempting to take part in all of them at once definitely isn’t a feasible feat. If your following is primarily on Instagram, you don’t want to reduce the amount of content you’re putting out there.

An alternative strategy that you can utilize is by creating a profile on a different platform and include a link to the platform you primarily use. This way you can divert an amount of traffic to where the majority of your content will be located.

Interact with the community 

Even famous celebrities like The Rock sometimes engage their follower’s comments and give credit for their support. While you might not be able to engage with every member of the community supporting you, it shows a more personable approach when you do engage.

Don’t wear yourself out attempting to be overly communicative with your audience, because this can end up having a negative effect. If you’re responding too much, they will expect it, and when you don’t they might feel you’re less authentic.

Be yourself

Social media influencer - image for article 222222Being yourself sounds like the kind of advice your mom probably gave to you before you started the fourth grade. But there’s a reason people tend to flock to down to earth celebrities – they like the idea of social media influencers being people they could be friends with. It’s not difficult to spot a person who isn’t authentic on social media, and if they’ve been following you for awhile they might change their view on you.

Post, post, and then post 

While individuals might spend a large portion of their time on social media, that doesn’t mean that they spend a lot of time viewing each post. So if you’re a blogger, or a Facebook user who’s posting once a week and wondering why you’re not an effective influencer this could be why. People are more likely to see your posts and then follow you if you’re posting more frequently. Posting more frequently also means you’re giving your current following more content to potentially share. It’s a win win scenario.

Substance is optimal 

Not to detract from the previous tip, but quality over quantity is an equilibrium you should seek to achieve. The content that you post needs to be interesting, and actively engages people on a cognitive level. If they’re scrolling past your content and are getting annoyed by its frequency, you may lose followers.

If you’re operating on a blog, writing content that is 4500 words in length that has substance, is better than writing four 1000 word articles that are just quick reads and not useful. Find the balance that works for you and keep an eye on your optics to see if you need to manipulate your methods of publishing content.

If you choose to adhere to any of the tips mentioned in this article, you should know that you should manipulate them to your style of engagement. Deviating too much from an already established personality may be detrimental to your effectiveness as an influencer. Introduce one approach at a time and see how it works to your liking, being sure to give time to see how it changed growth and engagement. By consistently working to improve your method you’ll become a far more efficient influencer.


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