How Electric Motors Are Fueling Various Industrial Tasks

With the availability of a great range of powerful electric motors, industries such as cement production, mining, petrochemicals, sugars, and many others are greatly benefitting in various ways. Gone are the days when every industry needed to build all their machinery from the ground up. It used to be the only way to maintain the specific needs of specific sectors, but not anymore.

Thanks to the establishments of specialized manufacturers that are an expert in designing and crafting electric motors with a great range of applications, building and powering up machinery equipped to perform heavy industrial tasks is now easier than ever.

Some manufacturers such as will craft their industrial electric motors in compliance with the European UNEL MEC Standards.

Electric motors are powerful, efficient, and highly cost-effective, what makes the production of these specialized motors so useful is the wide number of applications – ranging from broad applications in industries such as mining, petrochemicals, steel plants, sugar plants and so on; to specific applications in powering up ventilation, compressors, turbines, etc.

Electric Motors for Industrial Plants

Any particular industrial plants in any sector require the use of electric motors with specific abilities. For example, the electric motors used in steel plants require the ability to withstands the huge temperature they use.

While in cement plants, the electric motors are needed to be powerful and versatile enough to enable the crushers, conveyor belts, ovens, mills, and such.

At the same time, the electric motors used in municipal power or water plants come with a completely different set of applications and requirements.

This is where the specialization in design and the production of electric motors come so handy. With a focus solely on the discovery, invention, and enhancement of motor manufacturing technologies, manufacturers like OME Motors manufacture motors of various kinds.

Electric Motors for Different Types of Machinery

As you know, many of the industrial machinery requires the use of a motor to perform their tasks. It includes the machines used for food processing, wood processing, glass and paper mills, paper and plastic products, etc. There are also electric motors perfectly designed to be used in sugar refineries.

The motors used in turbines are responsible to propel the propeller, driving an electric generator, or winding up a wind farm. Thanks to the availability of ad hoc electric motors and generators, powering up these businesses has now become a relatively effortless task.

Moreover, electric motors have a number of applications in compressors and ventilation too. For compressors in the petrochemical industries such as oil refineries or rigs, the most suitable electric motors are the ones that are explosion-proof; as the risks of fire and explosions are very high in those industries.

While in ventilators, the motors need to perform tasks such as air suction, drying, cooling, etc. while also withstanding dusty environments.

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