Esade MBA Climbs the Ranks: A Top Contender in Global Business Education

In a remarkable achievement, Esade Business School’s Full-Time MBA program has soared thirteen places up the ladder in the latest Financial Times global ranking, now proudly standing at #17 worldwide and #6 in Europe. This significant leap can be attributed to two main factors: the substantial wage increase MBA alumni experience, the highest in Europe this year, and Esade’s outstanding performance in terms of classroom diversity, both in sectoral representation (#2 worldwide) and international backgrounds (#9 worldwide).

The British publication also lauded Esade for its efforts in reducing carbon footprint, ranking it #4 globally in this category, and for achieving its best position to date in business research. This milestone reflects the school’s increased investment in innovation, underscoring its commitment to continuous improvement.

Esade’s Unique Teaching Model

Joan Rodon, the dean of Esade Business School, attributes the program’s appeal to its unique teaching model. Here, Esade places emphasis on practical real world skills. This equips students with essential skills for leading diverse teams, anticipating market trends, and generating positive social impact. Rodon emphasizes that this educational approach enables students to enhance their professional careers significantly and become highly sought-after talents in the job market.

Esade proudly boast that their MBA post graduate students have a 91% employment rate.

Esade’s Diversity Commitment

Esade’s MBA distinguishes itself not only for the impressive career advancements its alumni achieve but also for its commitment to diversity. The latest MBA student cohort showcases a wide range of sectoral backgrounds, including manufacturing, finance, consultancy, and more, contributing to a rich learning environment. The program’s international appeal is evident, with 98% of its participants coming from outside Spain, representing 44 different nationalities.

For a precise breakdown, Latin America and the Caribbean peoples comprised 30%, while 28% hailed from Asia. Europeans accounted for 27% of the intake, with 6% coming from North America. The Middle East accounted for 4%, while Africa made up the remaining 2%.

Esade Puts a Strong Emphasis on Networking

The program’s flexibility allows students to tailor the duration of their MBA to either 12, 15, or 18 months, incorporating international opportunities through exchange programs with sixteen of the world’s top business schools and Global Study Tours to various countries. These features, combined with the Career Treks initiative, facilitate valuable connections with international business networks, further enhancing the students’ global perspective and employability.

Esade’s success in facilitating rapid employment post-graduation is noteworthy, with 91% of Full-Time MBA alumni securing jobs within three months. Moreover, alumni experience an average wage increase of 151% over three years post-graduation, the highest among European programs ranked by the Financial Times. This achievement is supported by Esade Careers, which provides a range of programs, workshops, fairs, and networking activities designed to boost students’ job prospects and connect them with key sectors and companies.

This ascent in the Financial Times ranking is a testament to Esade Business School’s excellence in education, its innovative approach to business studies, and its profound impact on students’ careers, setting it apart as a leader in global business education.

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