5 Essential Tools in Every Marketer’s Toolkit

Advertising technology is a growing space with lots of tools and techniques. The presence of multiple tools may confuse you. It can be difficult to determine your starting point. Keep in mind that each business has its unique needs, whether to increase awareness of their services, generating leads or growing customer retention. It is essential to adopt the right marketing fusion to meet your goals. You have to choose cost-effective and measurable ways.

Digital marketing mix needs powerful tools to improve or streamline reporting across data analytics, production and social media. To help you in marketing, here are five essential tools for every marketer’s toolkit. These tools can play a critical role in improving your performance.

1.  Hootsuite

With this popular tool, it will be easy for you to manage social media, such as LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter. You can schedule posts and messages, engage your audience and measure ROI of social media. This tool allows you to schedule almost 30 messages at a time. Hootsuite makes it easy for you to manage multiple social profiles from a dashboard.

2.  HubSpot

HubSpot is a primarily a software platform for sales and inbound marketing. With their help, you can increase the online visibility of your company, convert maximum visitors to loyal customers and generate more leads. You can find a consistent stream of educational resources and content from their blogs. A specific section of this platform is packed with success stories of customers. HubSpot pricing is tiered based on different plans. With built-in social media, blogging and SEO tools, you can get more traffic on your websites.

3.  KISSmetrics

Analytics and customer insights are necessary for the growth of your business. You have to analyze the activities of your current and potential customers on your site. It will help you to find out if they are having a problem while making purchases. For this reason, you will need special tools from KISSmetrics. From digital marketing to email optimization, KISSmetrics is good for everything.

4.  MOZ

Nowadays, Moz is a familiar name for every marketer. The company primarily focuses on SEO (SEOMoz) and offers a fantastic toolset. Their toolset is excellent for SEO, local listings, link building, and content marketing. You can be a part of the Moz community to interact with online marketers and get a solution to your problems.

5.  Unbounce

For A/B test, building and publishing of landing pages, you will need Unbounce in your toolkit. Even a person without IT background can use it. You have to pick a landing page (mobile-responsive) from their collection, customize it with unique content, publish, analyze, test and optimize. Good landing pages are always essential to increase the efficiency of a digital advertising campaign.

Developing a landing page can be a time-consuming and complicated task without a team of developers. Unbounce allows you to manage your landing pages within your budget quickly. A marketer can save time by having this tool in his toolkit. It allows you to create different landing pages for each marketing campaign.