Expanding Your Business into America – a guide by Foothold America

Foothold America has created a free guide about setting up a company in America from overseas. It explains the process businesses are required to take when they hire employees in the United States.

The eBook – Expanding your Business into America – is the result of several years of experience working with companies worldwide. Specifically, supporting their move into the United States.

An eBook or e-book is a book publication made available in digital form. It can be read on a computer, tablet, or smartphone.

Foothold America says the following regarding its eBook:

“It’s a one-stop-shop of frequently asked questions, ballpark figures for the costs involved, comments from others who have been through the process and insight from experts in areas such as tax, visas and HR.”

eBook hightlights

The guide includes:

  • Routes to setting up a company in the United States, including forming a subsidiary.
  • The advantages and disadvantages of several options. Sometimes, a subsidiary is the only choice.
  • Indications of how much each option costs.
  • What benefits employees in the US expect, plus their costings.
  • The pros and cons of setting up in different US states.

Infographic – Expanding your Business into America

About Foothold America

Foothold America is an international trade consulting firm with offices in London, UK, and Boston, Mass., USA. It has extensive experience helping companies set up in the United States from abroad.

Establishing a business entity in the US takes capital and commitment. Apart from experts in tax and law, you will also need professionals versed in HR, workers compensation, payroll, insurance, etc.

Foothold America also manages the US entities of many companies.