Facebook developing smartphone dialer app called “Phone”

Facebook is developing a new smartphone dialer app called “Phone”, according to a recent article published by Android Police.

Details of the app were accidentally leaked after a server-side update to the Facebook app.

The brief description indicates that the app could replace a smartphone’s standard dialing functionality, as well as feature caller ID, call-blocking, and instant call.

Facebook Phone App Leaked Screenshot

Facebook’s brief description of the Phone app can be seen in the screenshot above.

The leaked screenshot of the “Phone” app provides a brief description, which says:

“Phone is new app that shows you info about who’s calling and automatically blocks calls from commonly blocked numbers”

The [FB-ONLY] tag that appears on the leaked screenshot suggests that the app is likely undergoing testing and only Facebook employees can access it.

David Ruddock’s article published on Android Police said:

“Tapping the button to install or update it does nothing but throw you to a “no page found” error, which is probably because the application is stored internally on Facebook’s intranet for security purposes.”


Facebook spokesperson confirms development of the Phone app

A Facebook spokesperson told VentureBeat that the Phone app does exist and has been in development, however, the person would not share anything else.

“We are always testing things and have nothing to announce at this time,” the spokesperson said.

There’s been no word on when the dialer replacement app will be launched or if it even will be launched. However, the tech firm is definitely testing it out.