Why You Should NOT Buy Fake Facebook Likes and Followers

Today, Facebook has become the most successful social media platform with billions of users across the world. Recent research shows that Facebook is used by people of all ages, academic and socioeconomic levels, and by both men and women. However, a growing number of individuals currently purchase likes and followers for their Facebook pages. Some do it for personal reasons and others to promote their companies, products, services, or brands.

You should not buy Fake facebook likes image 434444Most fake follower buyers are promoting their products, services, and businesses generaly on the social media platform. They buy real Facebook likes and fans so that they can get their brand name out there and attract more consumers and prospects. A prospect is a consumer who you believe could turn into a paying customer.

Below, I have listed some reasons why buying fake Facebook likes and fans is a waste of time, effort, and money.

  • Buying fake likes

There are many websites out there that for a fee can get you lots of fake Fakebook likes and followers. In fact, they can also boost those numbers on your Instagram, Twitter, and other social media accounts.

If Facebook finds out that you are using fakes, it might shut down your account. Additionally, if you buy Facebook fans, it may dilute the efficacy of your pages.

Facebook doesn’t like fakes because they undermine the accuracy of the pages it recommends and can also hurt the social media’s revenue.

  • Waste of Money 

In the world of business, an entrepreneur will only buy something if it gives them an ROI. ROI stands for return on investment. In other words, if they spend money on something, they expect something back, specifically something worthwhile.

When you pay money for likes and followers, you don’t get anything back. It really is is a waste of time, effort, and money.

  • User credibility 

Let’s imagine that your Facebook page has been growing organically, and you purchase some fake followers and likes. You suddenly have 1000 likes on your page, of which only about fifty are real ones. How will you know in future how fast or slowly your account is growing organically? You won’t. Fakes take away your ability to monitor your pages accurately.

Your page engagement will be low because most of your followers have not been properly introduced to your brand. This will damage both your organic reach and user credibility.

  • Incapable of generating leads and sales 

The whole point of getting likes and followers for your Facebook account if you are a business is to boost sales. You do this by gaining brand credibility, engaging with other Facebook users, and getting people familiar and interested in your company and what it has to offer.

If most of your followers are fake, there will be no interest in your company from them. Put simply, no matter how many fake followers and likes you purchase, they will never boost your sales.

  • No Guarantee of Further Action 

If you manage to engage people with excellent content, i.e., text, images, videos, etc., they are more likely to take the type of action you desire, i.e., do things that are good for your business.

In the world of business, content is king. It boosts consumer engagement and helps increase inquiries, requests for free samples, repeat sales, and overall sales.

However, if most of your social media followers are not real ones, no matter how good your content is, it won’t be triggering any type of action.

  • Low engagement rates

Facebook has come out with a smart algorithm that determines whether your page is relevant to its followers. If you have a million fans and most of them are fake, Facebook may determine they are fake and reduce your organic reach, i.e., you will have fewer and fewer visitors. The social media platform may even close you down.

  • It Will Mess Up Your EDGERANK

The more fake followers you have, the lower your EDGERANK score will be. Your EDGERANK score is determined by the number of the visitor you get on your page, your likes, comments, and how many shares you get.

Algorithms can detect false followers and likes, and lower your EDGERANK score. A Facebook page with many alleged followers but very few comments is clearly one that uses fakes.

So remember, if you buy fake followers and likes, you risk damaging your EDGERANK score, diluting your current follower/like mix, and Facebook shutting down your account. Do you really think it is worth spending all that money on something that won’t boost your sales?


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