Fast-food worker protests expands to 190 cities across the US

Fast food workers across the United States are protesting to increase the minimum wage in the US to $15 an hour.

The protests are part of the “Fight for 15” movement, which has organized eight protests and walk-outs in the past two years. The protests have now expanded to 190 cities across America.

The movement has achieved some success, with San Francisco and Seattle increasing the minimum wage.

US President Barack Obama has also stated that he supports their cause.

Fast food workers, among others, have said that the current federal minimum wage of $7.25 is not high enough to allow workers to live.

The movement has been financial supported by the Service Employees International Union.

The protests are adding pressure on large corporate fast food chains to increase wages and work with politicians to get wage-raising measures on the ballot during election season.

McDonalds commented that the protests don’t represent the opinions of all its workforce, adding that it is up to individual franchise owners to make wage decisions.

In a statement McDonalds said:

“It’s important to know approximately 90 per cent of our United States restaurants are independently owned and operated by franchisees who set wages according to job level and local and federal laws,”

Hundreds of people protested at a McDonalds in downtown Manhattan, voicing their opinions with the company of a marching band.

According to BBC, one organizer who addressed the crowd, said:

”I’m going to cry – we went from 200 workers in New York City to workers in countries around the world,”

“We’ve accomplished a lot in the last two years.”